By Eganstein - 24/11/2012 23:11 - United States - Denver

Today, my girlfriend came over to a family game night. Halfway through a game of Klingon Monopoly, my drunk parents started arguing because apparently, while my dad was in jail, he cheated on my mom with a Klingon whore. I doubt my girlfriend will ever visit again. FML
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Fucking Klingon whores, they'll get you in trouble.

Yeah man that's how you get the grammar nazis pissed.


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Seriously. My mom or my boyfriend's dad will say the weirdest shit, but it doesn't affect us too much afterwards.

T9FTW 20

But Selena doesn't really love YOU, huh?

raider27 7

What is the difference between Klingon Monopoly and regular Monopoly?

Names of the places, the pieces, the cards, and where it takes place.

raider27 7

#42- thanks :) is it like an adult themed Monopoly or something like that?

They have a version of that, but this isn't it, this is for trekkies or last minute gifts pretty much.

raider27 7

Thanks again 45

That sounds like a great night to me!

chell1894 13

Yeah that argument actually kind of counts hilarious to listen too. If I was in your girlfriend's shoes I probably wouldn't have cared and just tried not to giggle.

Sounds like something that might happen with my family :) everybody has crazy families

honeybadgerr 9

Hahaha your family is awesome OP. if I was your girlfriend I would ask for an adoption

24-so she could commit incest?

honeybadgerr 9

Seriously 24... Do you not understand sarcasm...?

unknown_user5566 26

65- Are you talking to yourself? YOU were commenter #24.

BeaterOfTheDrums 15

Honeybadger talks to himself cause Honeybadger don't give a shit.

honeybadgerr 9

Hahaha 70 omgsh.. I'm too tired over here. Thanks for pointing out my mistake 73- you get me ;)

...every family has its endearing quirks, I suppose...

unknown_user5566 26

3- They do, and if a family claims to have no quirks, it just means they are REALLY good at hiding them. Personally I'd prefer to have a quirky family than a boring one.

Yes I agree! This is why I always save my "Get out of free" cards.

Shoulda had a v8!

IAmNotAnAnimal 9


In what way would this make a difference?

Well you see, v8 is always known to put people in a good mood. With v8 in the picture, the parents would have been happily going about their game without so much as an utterance of said Klingon Hooker Homewreckage. Thus Op's girlfriend would peacefully sip her v8, enjoying the calm, family-friendly entertainment, eventually reaching such a state of euphoria from the blissfully delicious vegetable concoction that she would grow to fall in love with the Klingy family, ensuring a fantastic night for all parties involved. And that, my friend, is why he "shoulda had a v8."

When you say v8 I think of the facepalm. Honestly this would have worked better if you had a direct tv situation.

senor_awesome 14

V8 could've been present in the form of a bloody mary

Shit I want that game.

connerwonner 7

Just get regular Monopoly

Monopoly is much more fun in the original Klingon.

You should have been the Klingon diplomat and saved the day.

sugarshane007 20

And this is why Trekkies have a bad name! Next time your dad will think twice about cheating with that Klingon whore though.

Fucking Klingon whores, they'll get you in trouble.

bitch_pleez 10

Not sure if the fucking was meant as an adjective or verb in that comment, but it works well both ways. Well played sir.

Yeah man that's how you get the grammar nazis pissed.

tsent8 15

Woah! His post AND his comment both had perfect grammar! You have much to teach me master.

Sir don't let them fool you, I mess up a lot.

47 He hired a personal English professor to correct his grammar!

Are you the one I hired? How do you know that? No one was supposed to know.

Nope. I'm from the C.I.A. we were monitoring your Facebook page, I saw it on there and I decided to expose you.

Oh shit um I'll be right back.... I have to go do something real quick. *deletes Facebook*

tsent8 15

Too late I'm officer Briggs from the C.I.A your coming with me.

Hurry up before the boys at the F.B.I. come after him for his Twitter!

Fuck your juice I'm outta here.....and #67 it's You're* *runs away laughing*

*Shoots out in the ass with my photon blaster!*

you** not out

tsent8 15

Damn grammar nazis! Taze him!

If she really likes you she won't not come over or talk to you again just because of something your parents did.

Airman1988 9

Sheldon would be so disappointed.

killer6969 16

I see what you did there