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By Anonymous - 14/11/2009 21:59 - United States

Today, my boyfriend gave me a bucket of Twizzlers for our one year anniversary because "He knew I liked them." He has no idea why I am so upset. FML
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Why ARE you upset? He didn't forget. He even remembered an insignificant detail about you. Most people would find that cute.


You need to go to MLIA. This story is amazing, and if you do like them, then why are you upset?

Yes! I'm joining in on this major FML hating spree. **** YOU BITCH! You are an ungrateful douche who should thank you boyfriend for even going out with you. 1 year and you expect more than something he knows you like? **** you.

wow you look like a total ass. No where does it say she didnt give him hints about what she wanted..and even if she didn't twizzlers? dinner and a movie is sweet. its a memory. maybe she wanted something that represented their one year together. it doesn't have to be expensive. maybe a $15 locket or a pair of matching rings.

Why does it have to be jewelry? Why can't she be happy with a gift that says he knows the things she likes? It's been 1 year, not 5, not 10, 1. If you start buying them cars on the 1 year anniversary, what do you buy on the 5th? A house?

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I would like her to explain why she's so mad for getting her something she wanted for an anniversary outside of marriage, which does not really count for anything.

it's NOT like they're even married anyway... most ppl don't even celebrate "anniversaries" before that! the OP is just a greedy materialistic bitch- the boyfriend needs to dump her immediately.. **** knows if she's like this in the first year it's only gonna get worse!

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it's simple, but it's really sweet. Yu should be a little more grateful. Even if yu didn't like it yu should be grateful yu got something.

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Anyone ever think OP does not like twizzlers?

Very simple. Gifts are not a requirement, they are a luxury, A man will get you something you have either been proven to like, what he thinks you can use or WHAT YOU TELL HIM YOU BLOODY WELL WANT. learn from this.

I wish I had a bucket of Twizzlers =( Oh and of course you couldn't just tell him why you're unhappy

am i the only one who thinks this sounds familiar? like i already read this one...

66 speaks truth! Seriously, you like Twizzlers, don't you? Appreciate his effort of PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU. What do you expect? A ******* diamond ring? It's been ONE YEAR. And what did you get him, eh? Nothing? Hm. Oh and if it really upsets you, how about telling him about it? Communication is key in a relationship. Perhaps that's why he didn't get you the pony you always wanted since you were a little girl.

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66 is fantasitc. When my husband gets me a gift, I know this rule. He'll buy me thread snippers because I've been bitching about how I don't have any, fererro rocher chocolates because he knows that I like them, OR True Blood on DVD, because I just told him that I wanted it. I would be pretty surprised if he came to that last on on his own. You can't expect a guy to read your mind. He's trying to make you happy and you're just being difficult.

Totally, I would so psyched for a present of Twizzlers! Though more excited for gummy bears or skittles.

I got a diamond ring for my one year dating anniversary. It really just depends on age and budget. Otherwise, this.

And yet once again... the New Jersey female species... :)

I agree, you're an ungrateful bitch. Be happy he payed attention to you and knows what you like.

Maddoctor - haha, I was totally about to shout you down coz for some reason my eyes totally skimmed over the part about Redvines and I thought you were serious :P

who said anything about a diamond ring or a pony? maybe she wanted something with real thought...not "oh shit I forgot I'll quickly go to CVS and get twizzlers" which is what this says to me...I'm not saying he should get her something expensive..just something cute...a hair clip? something that represents a special memory? maybe their first movie ticket in a frame?

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Today, my boyfriend got me a bucket full of my favourite sweets for our one year anniversary. FML

this is so stupid....girls cant accept the fact that guys don't get the "perfect" gift

it doesnt have to be "perfect" just a little more thoughtful than twizlers...

If she really likes Twizzlers, he WAS being thoughtful. It pertains to her interests, and isn't candy kind of traditional in a relationship anyway? If he genuinely thought she'd like them, he's done nothing wrong. Just because it's candy doesn't mean it's last minute, and basically she's saying that even if he went and got the Twizzlers fresh from the factory she'd be pissed because, oh jee, it's only a bucket of candy, how lame! Oh, and Twizzlers can be special. Perhaps that was what her grandmother always bought for her as a child? Or maybe the fact they celebrated their first anniversary by pigging out late-night on Twizzlers (which obviously didn't happen because she's such an ungrateful twat)?

True that, most don't even remember their anniversaries. YDI to OP for being a whiny b*tch.

yes I replied to number one... cuz I wanted to be sure the OP reads this! you stupid ungrateful *****! your boyfriend buys you something he knows u love and you bitch about it? if he was smart enough he'd dump ur superficial material ass! no one deserves to be with a bitch like u!

I'd be really pleased with my boyfriend if he got me that. It shows how he listens to you and wanted to get you something he knew you'd like. He's so sweet! :D

apparently nobody knows what a "twizzler" is. if that's what she's upset about... besides, a bucket of twizzlers isn't an appropriate gift for a 1 year....

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I was engaged for 4 months by the time my first dating anniversary rolled around :) But, yes, I too would be psyched if my husband of 2 years came home with a bucket of Twizzlers, mostly because it proved that he paid attention to my smallest, most random likes. OP, quit your bitchin'

ungreatfull bitch...Wat do u want a gold ring? he got u a gift he knew you liked and u get upset and then don't tell him and stay upset without giving him a chance to fix. his mistake which he made none....u don't deserve him he put thought into the gift not oh here's expensive jewlery w.e ill pik this ring...its value not price

girls are ungrateful! hell she should be siked that he even remembered! plus he remembered a small detail about you!..hopefully someone will talk some sense into him about his vhoice in women

It the thought that counts, not the price. Stop bitching and be happy.

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Why ARE you upset? He didn't forget. He even remembered an insignificant detail about you. Most people would find that cute.


If my boyfriend gave me a bucket of Twizzlers, I would be SOOOOO happy.

You need to go to MLIA. This story is amazing, and if you do like them, then why are you upset? I mean, a bucket of twizzlers are delicious and fun, and what did you want? something physical that's "cute" that will either collect dust on a shelf forever until you forget it or always be a reminder of him if you guys break up? Screw that, I'd take the twizzlers. Smart guy you have there.

You, my new friend, are a voice of reason. Good thinking. OP is retarded and going to cause relation tensions that the guy was smart enough to avoid. Gotta feel bad for him.

Marry me #11? So we can have epic lightsaber battles and hunt for Waldo together as we share in wonderous "That's what she said moments" without missing a beat between them? You are my NEW. BEST. FRIEND.

Marry me? So we may have epic lightsaber battles and say "That's what she said" without missing a beat as we search for Waldo within our forts?

and why does FML delete MLIA related comments, but MLIA doesn't delete FML comments? clearly, the fan base spans the two.

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Aw. It sounds like he was just trying to be sweet (pun totally intended)!

I assume this is another FML about a woman being all pissy cause her boyfriend didn't spend his life savings on jewelry and got her something she can truly enjoy instead.

Twizzlers kick ass! Hell, I'm celebrating my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend by making JELLO! Grape for me and Cherry for him, cause I like purple and he likes red. Best anniversary idea EVER cause for the last 2 years we've forgotten until the day of, and we just couldn't think of anything awesome. XD Made with love and tasty too. Better than jewelry or a pricey vacation!

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I wouldn't go as far to say JELL-O's better than a vacation - I didn't go out anywhere for my 5th, though, due to class / finances / swine flu. The point is, the OP is extremely ungrateful. Especially considering she's been with the guy just a year.

In this economy, Jello is better cause at least we still have money after enjoying it. XD

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True, that goes without saying.

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Why is this an FML? Sounds like you're just being spoiled. If you want something different, TELL your boyfriend, and don't be an idiot.

...I don't get it. Why's this a FML? Why are you upset?

I know. I couldn't find the FML till I read the comments.