By Tori Pearson - 27/06/2011 04:21 - Canada

Today, I went camping. My tent is flooded, a raccoon ate all my food, I lost the anchor to my boat which as a result is now across the lake. Three more days. FML
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Look on the bright got internet access! **** everything else!

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Should call for help instead of posting this.


Time to remember all that Bear Grylls taught you. Starting with the pee...

TinyDude 10

Stranded across a lake, time to drink ur own piss :)

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Raccoons are little forest ninjas. I like how everyone thinks "he drank his pee" then they talk about him lol.

survivor man actually taught me how to survive this situation

get a strap on, see how much he carries on after you use it on him

Jigiwithit - use it on whom, the raccoon? Next time you choose to comment on an FML, try the following: 1) Double check that you're on the correct FML 2) Don't comment on the first comment just to get your comment near the top. No one likes an attention *****. 3) Make a worthwhile comment. Keep these rules in mind and things will go quite smoothly for you.

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docbastard you never fail to make me laugh(:

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Just remember what man v wild has taught us. When stranded out in the middle of nowhere with little resources. Run jump and slide over dangerous terrain because risk of injury isn't a factor to worry about. Then when all else fails, drink your urine and find elephant dung! Survival 101 at it's finest

i dont call it camping if you have internet

I think jigiwithit was trying to reply to another post.

Look on the bright got internet access! **** everything else!

I just wanna know how the **** she lost an anchor...

I do, too. Plus, how did she not notice that a raccoon was stealing all her food?

iSitt 0

the anchor rope knot was a fail. the raccoon came at night. do you hear banjos?

nativepimp 1

a long list of fail 1. the tent/rain fly 2. didn't store food properly 3 failed at tying a knot on the anchor. 4 the boat should of been tied to shore

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Should call for help instead of posting this.

it's likely that they posted this FML after they got home and explained how they felt when this happened.

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Well im pretty sure they called for help if they had time to post this :|

OceanBreathesSal 5

you never know. Maybe OP is that stupid and it never occurred to him calling for help.

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she said three more days. I'm pretty sure that's a count down for help.

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the only thing bear gryls taught me is when things get tough, check into a hotel.

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Don't cha just love camping?

I hate campers! Someone was going to say it so I did anyway. 8)

camping is "intense". well some people don't use tents but still

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Maybe u should face the fact that ur not fit for the outdoors

Internet access means you could get someone to rescue you, right? Don't spend three days without food.

Your smartphone is not going to like the swim to the boat!

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he can just leave it einstien.

I know. I was just taking the piss. Sorry for the confusion. PS - I think Tori might be a woman's name.

just think, things can't get any worse right?

She could get mauled by a bear. She could get stung by a swarm of Africanized bees. It could start violently hailing. She could get giardiasis (look it up). She could be attacked by a herd of vicious wild boars. Can't get worse? Don't you believe it.

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She could get hurtful comments from the FML commenters. That would be the worst thing.

Now Red, who on EARTH would post hateful comments on FML??

doc you aren't from earth so therefore you are excuses for your deeds

stranded without food . first thing u think about is posting it on FML ?

I doubt it was the first thing he thought about, but after spending hours there, running out of things to do and slowly getting hungrier, perhaps it came to mind that this was an appropriate FHL situation.

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Pull a Bear Grills and kick nature's ass!

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or find some elephant poop if you're thirsty.

1) Drain the tent 2) Eat the racoon 3) Swim out and fetch the ******* boat instead of whinging. Problem solved.

1. Read a book on camping 2. Don't choose the lowest spot to pitch your tent 3. Don't leave your food where animals can get to it!!!! Your lucky it wasn't a bear!!!!

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#13 is hilarious but he has a point :)) instead of whining, do something about it even though it is easier said than done