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Today, I was making out like a sixteen year old at the high school prom with this guy I kinda liked. All of a sudden, he rolls away and tells me he's "finished." We both had our clothes on the entire time. He is 23, I'm 25. I didn't know that was possible. FML
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he can just go turn in his penis and his man card in now

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finished with what? or was that an excuse to get away from you? sounds suspect to me.


WTF! I call gay.... not that there is anything wrong with that but gay none the less

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Or OP could be ugly as ****. Or the guy could have a problem with premature ejaculation. I know you said "no offense", but the offense is still there. Think before you speak.

Maybe he really likes you gosh! You were probably his first kiss then you went crazy on him.

he either a) has morals b) couldn't get a hard on or c) thinks your a bad kisser

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OR... maybe he felt like like he was drowning . or just the opposite, maybe he felt like he was swallowing sandpaper. so since we don't know the entire story, I think it's fair to say FYL and YDI.

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wats the different between makin out at 16 and 25?

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@37: the OP said "making out like a 16 year old at prom" what did u do at prom.... the OP didn't say there was a difference. they meant they were making out a lot.

I just ate a grape... but nothing happenned

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I agree with mfmylifesrsly.

The OP is obviously took the word "finished" to mean the boy ejaculated, but it could just mean he didn't want to continue for whatever reason.

WAIT. Hold on. if you were making out with a sixteen year old at a high school prom, how is he 23 and how are you 25?

@85, I was thinking the same thing until I read the comments.

@85, I was thinking the same thing until I read the comments.

lol I reread it 3 times til I got it haha

Ah. A concealed ninja simile. Thank you, pendatic.

hahaha 64 when Bruce Willis was dead at the end of sixth sense..... nothing happened

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I love when ppl reply to a comment with many comments saying 'your 'hott'' when they don't say WHO is...

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haha I half relate to 85 because I saw they said LIKE a sixteen year old but I though they were 23 and 25 and at a highschool prom and I was confused and thought they either got like held back a lot or snuck in or something

@13 if they were making out, than she was not " ugly as ****". Btw no women is " ugly as ****. " There is nothing wrong with being gay if who the OP talks of is. She should concider this if she is in a relationship with him. It would seem the the guy all the sudden got ... nervous so he bailed. that's my reasoning. Your an class A jerk -craigkid

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mfmylifesrlsy ur really stunningly beautiful!


wow. u guys are stupid. when he's finished that means he already had his ******

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oh hey a breeze just rolled in an- GZDDFzgDjDFkFkYzuzizhG omg

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yea, there is totally something wrong with that. why in hell would you assume that a guy who stops kissing a girl is gay? I don't assume every girl that isn't attracted to me is a lesbian.

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Maybe he jizzed in his pants. XD

its possible. some guys **** from holding hands

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lol I'm probly the only person who got that

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Your age! Sorry, couldn't resist... I'm 36 (yeah... I'm old) and my wife and I still make out like 16-year-olds. I hope we still do when we're in our 80s, but... well... I just don't want to picture that, right now *shudder*.

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finished with what? or was that an excuse to get away from you? sounds suspect to me.

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suspicious things are suspect to suspicion. it's not an uncommon phrase.

@ghostwitch a little bit niave, aren't we now?

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Has that happened to you #5? sucks that her guy friend doesn't have enough stamina to make it to the next level. On the other hand, maybe OP is just that amazing with her make out skills. Either way, sucks for OP. the guy is NOT a keeper.

it's definately possible... I'm almost 25 and I've had similar experiences... fml

he can just go turn in his penis and his man card in now

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YDI for being a crap ass kisser. Give blowies instead. That would have said love better than some make out session...