By R281780 - 14/02/2016 15:53 - United States - San Jose

Today, my girlfriend is locked in the bathroom crying because I didn't buy her anything for Valentine's Day, even though Friday, at her suggestion, we agreed not to exchange gifts because both of our birthdays are a week away. FML
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well, she didn't buy you anything so what can she complain about

Sorry OP, girls who do those 'tests' can be confusing. Hope you guys can sort it out :(


I guess you haven't seen any of the commercials....if she says she doesn't want anything she still does. especially since all her friends are getting gifts....could buy them today and get her twice as much for half the price.

He shouldn't have to. She needs to act like an adult and say what she means and not throw fits over her LISTENING to what SHE says.

Sorry OP, girls who do those 'tests' can be confusing. Hope you guys can sort it out :(

Lizza330 28

What's the point of the test though? If I say not to get me something, then why would I expect them to not listen?

I think it's a test to see if they would go against their words to not get anything but then they cry because they got nothing.

I don't know, some girls feel like the guy needs to get them something anyway to prove that they really love them. It's kinda like when girls tell guys that the bigger the diamond on an engagement ring, the more they must love them. Doesn't make much sense, but girls still do it.

well, she didn't buy you anything so what can she complain about

Maybe she did, it doesn't say that she didn't.

Actually it was never stated that she didn't get him anything. Maybe she surprised him in hopes that he read between the lines and he did the same. Most of us men are simple minded and when you tell me not to get you a gift then I won't get you a gift and won't think twice about it.

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Logic. It has no place in dealing with women.

Show her you learned your lesson by buying her a box of tissues for her birthday.

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Your girlfriend's reaction makes about as much sense as canned bread. Sorry OP.

I can't stand people (not just girls) who pull this kind of crap. Say one thing, but mean another. No one can read your damn mind. Just say what you truly want. No chance of miscommunication, and less chance of hurt feelings.

That sucks :( Girls that act like that give us a bad name. Get her something tomorrow and when she's upset it's late say it's cheaper this way and therefore you are being fiscally responsible. Next time she suggests it bring up what happened today to make sure she really means it

JimShews 5

No, don't ever throw this back in her face. If it happens again, just be ready. Buy a non-perishable gift (that is, not flowers) so you can return it if needed. Also, consider a non-financial gift. Make her dinner. Write a poem. Sing a song. No $$, lots of love.

I disagree. Why should she get rewarded for being selfish and throwing a tantrum?

I'm not one for telling one to break up with someone, but if something like this has happened before and this doesn't get resolved, consider it.