By Anonymous - 09/06/2013 16:50 - Bangladesh - Dhaka

Today, days after I broke up with my girlfriend, my dad tried to make her feel better by inviting her to our family BBQ next weekend. FML
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knoxxx 22

I can't imagine why she would even want to go.

I can already feel the awkward. Good luck, OP.


I can already feel the awkward. Good luck, OP.

SmallyBigs 9

The odds of her showing up are slim, unless your family makes delicious food, that is.

why awkward?.. op if she shows up she wants you back

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

@27, doesn't mean OP wants her back though.

kurk626 11

Op's ex might go to the bbq because she could be good friends with another family member

knoxxx 22

I can't imagine why she would even want to go.

I can't imagine why he would want to invite her. This is just idiotic.

She'll go if she's still in love with him or wants to get back together

I'm guessing she was pretty close with the family, or else the dad wouldn't have wanted to invite her.

perdix 29

#2, free food. Next question?

RedPillSucks 31

and Dad is hot for OPs ex Curious whether this was an "arranged" situation and OPs parents might not be too keen on OP rejecting their choice.

Let me guess, they favour her over you in this situation?

Barbie in Bangladesh! really! Anyways if they favor her to OP's sentiments then they are assholes.

Talk to your dad, uninvite her. It isn't harsh, going through with thus barbeque will not help anyone.

Dawnstempest 17

It sounds like it's his subtle way of trying to get the two of you back together.

\ 28

This story reminds me of "Lolita." Your dad must reaaally feel sorry for her... ;)

It's always so awkward, having cannibals for parents.

perdix 29

He's not too proud to hit on your leftovers ;) She might appreciate his offer to share meat with her ;) ;) (I need to get this facial tic looked at ;))