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  joshiepo0  |  18

After that many years though he should really let it go. If he tried to make friends and this happened then yes it sucks, but to deliberately confront them instigates a fighting attitude.

By  JJ_Rokk  |  10

I'm not condoning violence... But I am condoning the fact that you have the right to stand up for yourself. If you get pushed, push back. When someone thinks they can take away your self respect, take it back.

  ICastillo  |  24

I condone violence. If you have a bully who picks on you and makes your life hell. I say you condone an ass whooping that'll teach that bully a lesson. But you have to make sure you win or gets worse.

  meso222  |  8

As i tell my younger brother, if they are always on your case sometimes a quick knock out infront of his buddies is what it takes. Sometimes the respect you lose for blind sidin is worth making people leave you alone.