By waterdog - 18/04/2011 20:12 - United States

Today, I was carefully drawing blood from a drunk who'd threatened to kill me if I hurt him, when another drunk behind me decided to take a piss on my leg. FML
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What the world doesn't need is your lack of spelling and grammar.


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right.... none of this FML makes sense.

Nice. You should've just left them to fight each other! Then filmed it & put it on YouTube. LOL.

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This is where our healthcare money goes to.

ashleykay94 7

ew that's gross, can't u get diseases from that???!

MizzErikaHart 8

it's gross but I don't think u would get a disease

ashleykay94 7

People, people, PEOPLE! Let's not get overly confused here. According to my hypothesis, OP is probably working in those government or private, non profit organizations built to take care of animals. So, he/she got really pissed when drawing blood from a duck.

who said this was a nurse? might be a vampire...

ashleykay94 7

isn't that why we get it OUT of our bodies?

then tell your mom and dad that your tired of their crap and u r running away.

drawing blood from a drunk, op what's wrong with you.

octinate 17

nurses can't run away when drawing blood

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haha wow wtf ?? this confuses me

octinate 17

#52, if ur an ER nurse and a drunk comes in who has suffered an injury, u still have to take their blood for blood tests

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I thought the OP was probably a paramedic drawing blood for DUI evidence. Maybe there was an accident.

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MizzErikaHart 8

pee is not poison. believe it or not, while inside your body, urine is sterile until it comes out and hits air.

that might "piss" him off !!! hahaha ;)

persianjr1 7

^ I award you both with the " best pun ever" award. congratulations!!!!

You have the needle... Give the ****** HIV

Its not sad - it's disgusting! You should've just let the 2 drunks fight it out whilst you filmed it and put it on YouTube!:D

lol nothing better than watching two drunk bastards fight. except watching two homeless bastards fight over day old pizza.

MissKelly8D 0

wait, why exactly were you drawing blood?

maybe she was a doctor... or maybe she wanted to like, save his DNA or sumthing, in case the FBI wanted to find him cuz he threatened to kill

The FBI HAS been keeping a watchful eye over drunks who threaten people....

But if they are a doctor then would the blood you draw not be intoxicated, therfore not being reliable...?

loveofyourlife11 0

maybe they are a paramedic and they are getting blood for the blood alcohol levels. sorry to hear op. that really sucks. hope you enjoy your job though.

bengermin 5

No, don't you see? It's all a cover-up. OP got scared by the threat and wet himSELF.

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because the op is obviously a nurse or phlebotomist. obviously. ugh

drunk people piss on me all the'll get used to it

maybe she's just an artist at a doctors office

140 - I screamed like a little girl at your picture. Then i began to talk in russian... Хэуфыу Рзв жщээ юу азк Щ офиу цщнбуыыув оуээ щныуэа. sorry if thats gibberish....

awwhhh #145! this is the first time someone finds me attractive that leads him to scream ;) Now go get me a sandwich nomnomnomnon

y was the op even drawing blood from a drunk in the first place??

you my good mate seem to be trying to estimate it's power by the spelling you use in your sentences.

Hehehe i would agree with your assessment!

Chanistheman19 5

why were you drawing blood from a drunk is a true question?

Duuuh its obviouse... Theyyy got brain washed by vampires!

Chanistheman19 5

you can get alcohol in your blood though...

ahem_speak_up 0

I kno right. I think maybe OP works as a nurse/bartender??

Chanistheman19 5

that leads to alcohol poisoning, which is bad, I rather not get blood from a drunk

Chanistheman19 5

I'm just pointing out the flaws in this. chill man

Chanistheman19 5

drawing blood from a drunk. in a usual facility they wouldn't draw blood from a drunk man. especially when another one is standing right behind. that's begging for trouble if you ask me.

MaeCon 0

agreed. who would leave someone to take blood from an already drunk person first of all. and then why would there be another drunkard wasted enough to piss on them? doesn't add up

Dude wtf !!!! damn them drunks always pissen on somebodys leeggg!!!! If it aint puke they b pissen and if that aint it they crappin on somebodys foot... I love them tho the world needs em!

What the world doesn't need is your lack of spelling and grammar.

Ur right... I just don't really care bout grammar

Ur right... Although the real problem is I don't care!

MizzErikaHart 8

u guys already kno half the people on this site can't or don't spell correctly. why does someone always gotta say something about it? the person is just gonna say they don't care. and then everyone jumps in saying how it is or is not important. it's just a really old topic in my opinion.

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Hooray for Spelling and Grammar! :D

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seriously it's the Internet lol who the Fuxk cares about spelling and grammar I mean FML isn't even a word lol

87 raises an excellent point. who cares about it, if you got a problem with it then go isolate yourself in a dark room and never leave. never get on a laptop or smartphone again

she doesn't have a point FML is an abbreviation of words, and grammar and spelling turns random shit into something that you can actually understand.

well this world is full of "special" people! good luck being the odd one out!

92,what makes you think that you HAVE to read peoples comments. if you don't understand it, move on.

It helps when the comment doesn't scream out ' Im a ******* illiterate moron ' and says something productive to the OP's FML.

obviously 87, that some people DO care.

Dude! it's the internet. Show some RESPECT!

Don't make me write angry things!!! Because you know I am a master of 30 diiferent martial arts, 20 of which I invented. I am also a Jedi Master and i carry a big stick. And its pointy!!

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The comment section is for replying to FMLs on how you agree or disagree or relate. If you want to go correcting peoples grammar go tutor or become a teacher. It's only funny when the persons misspelling was ironic or something.

Today just wasn't your day, was it? Maybe it's time to find a less nauseating career.

YDI for letting a drunk draw another drunk's blood. Just kidding, YDI for using a misplaced modifier.