By Anonymous - 27/08/2010 12:23 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend asked me how big the Sun would be compared to the Earth. I didn't have anything on me to help demonstrate, so to imitate the Earth, I made a small hole with my index finger and thumb and said "Okay, imagine a ball this small." She then looked at my crotch. FML
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So? Maybe it's just me but giant testes really aren't a must-have quality in a man.

pahahahaha tht sux, but it made me laugh(:


pahahahaha tht sux, but it made me laugh(:

Maybe she got "Lost in your Crotch" during the explanation.

Man these non-FMLs are getting so lame. big fucking deal so your gf things you've got small nuts.

I agree with 13. not an fml and big fn deal you have small balls, not the end of the world.

YDI for having a stupid girlfriend

"It's over 9,000 times bigger!!!"

Well it sounds like you had something on you to demonstrate with after all.

28- jaja win! >:)

Smalls nuts and small willies are two different things, just so ya know.

Why don't you cry some more you self-conscious little boy! So I'm guessing that her eyes represented the sun? Since they obviously lit up when she saw how small the earth was.

ydi for answering her. its called the internet she should use it.

awww. poor little guy. :(

what kind of a question is that ? r u robbing the cradle? O.O

It does seem to be a big deal.. I would not like it if my chick thought I had small nuts ! LMAO

who cares about the balls?? it's the penis that matters!

your girl sounds like a perv lmao say yes keep looking at my balls and let's compare it to your holes =p

gamergoddess- what games do you play? Let's game!!

hey # 62 u have xbox or ps3

hey #62 u have xbox 360 or ps3 ? =)

damn iPod said it didn't post the first time :-/

fuckin pussy ass fmls. Today, I was rock climbing and got my arm stuck. I had to cut it off with a knife. FML. that's a good fml; not oh my stupid girlfriend looked at my crotch when I indicated small stuff. pussy. :/

YDI for having sex even if you have a small penis

Watch this, you're gonna love my nuts!

i haz me sum baseball sized ballzz. so bee jellus betches. >:]

hey nice as 7 xD

abs* stupid iPod corrections :P

95 that's great! thanks for sharing the size of of lady balls :p

I agree with 13, what the hell is wrong with ppl

lol that blows but funny xD

So? Maybe it's just me but giant testes really aren't a must-have quality in a man.

I agree (no homo). I just think smaller potatoes makes the meat look bigger. That's the only reason I use steroids.

what? I hope your kidding #

lmao #4. I'm sure the side effect of shriveled testicles are what most steroid users are going for--the body building is just a cover.

Small testicles, unbridled rage, and hairy backs FTMW! I'm joking Sam, so please don't send a social worker to my house or anything.

Lmfao 4 I almost rolled out of bed laughing!

Why would it be bad to have small testes? I can understand a tiny willy, but...balls?

maybe she likes big loads... if you catch my drift.

ha actually a buddy of mine had very small balls & put out a horrendous load. don't ask me how I know please.

how do you know?

how do u know :)

#20 how? seriously this could be interestinf story

catch this drift (points to pants)

14- Big loads of what, laundry. (not sexist)

hahaha(: i like your girlfriend

I agree lol :)

seems like she was just teasing you. relaxx and laugh a little.. unless you really do have tiny balls.

hahahahah what an awesome girlfriend :-)

11, did you pull that clip-art just to see how many gullible douches would "Oh how hawt!"

What do you mean by clip-art? English is not my first language, therefore I don't quite understand your comment.

49: 36 (aardvarkish) is asking whether you just found your user picture somewhere on the internet and used it as your user pic to claim that to be a picture of yourself, to see how many people would compliment how good looking you are. Basically, is your user pic really a picture of you?

Why should I take someone else's pic to set as my avatar on this site here? I don't see the point in that? I don't know why you're all behaving so weird towards me, just enjoy reading the funny comments and stop bothering what someone looks like.

11 you're cute :)

Arrrghhh hahah :-) That's so weird, having to defend yourself because of how you look. I'll change my picture to one that looks less provocative to you! Thanks everyone for being so mean towards me :-P

I think it looks like a genuine picture. A bit provacative, yes, but I think it's her. And, just because she denied that her picture is fake doesn't mean it's not her. That's a completely mental way to look at things. LaPerla, ignore the meanies.(:

Thanks, at least someone who talks sense here. ;-)

laperla, ignore the trolls, thats rule num.1 on internet.. and ure cute :)

maybe she just suddenly got horny. whip em out for her!

suck it up princess ull get them sooner or later lol

ydi for dating a retard

my boyfriend has the biggest balls I've ever seen and that shit terrifies me.

Do they make his penis look small?