By Anonymous - / Friday 27 August 2010 12:23 / United Kingdom
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  SqueakyBootz  |  0

Why don't you cry some more you self-conscious little boy! So I'm guessing that her eyes represented the sun? Since they obviously lit up when she saw how small the earth was.

  afdude87  |  6

fuckin pussy ass fmls. Today, I was rock climbing and got my arm stuck. I had to cut it off with a knife. FML. that's a good fml; not oh my stupid girlfriend looked at my crotch when I indicated small stuff. pussy. :/

  starile  |  19

49: 36 (aardvarkish) is asking whether you just found your user picture somewhere on the internet and used it as your user pic to claim that to be a picture of yourself, to see how many people would compliment how good looking you are.

Basically, is your user pic really a picture of you?

  LaPerla  |  0

Why should I take someone else's pic to set as my avatar on this site here? I don't see the point in that? I don't know why you're all behaving so weird towards me, just enjoy reading the funny comments and stop bothering what someone looks like.

  LaPerla  |  0

Arrrghhh hahah :-) That's so weird, having to defend yourself because of how you look. I'll change my picture to one that looks less provocative to you! Thanks everyone for being so mean towards me :-P

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

I think it looks like a genuine picture. A bit provacative, yes, but I think it's her. And, just because she denied that her picture is fake doesn't mean it's not her. That's a completely mental way to look at things. LaPerla, ignore the meanies.(:

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