By weddinggirl - 27/08/2010 09:57 - Germany

Today, my boyfriend of 5 years finally asked me to marry him. He said: We could save taxes if we married.. what do you think? That was the most romantic thing he said to me in the last 2 years. FML
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lol. ydi for staying in a relationship with no romance. at least for ur end, try to spice things up


YDI for being with him. And YDIx100000 if you marry him.


lol. ydi for staying in a relationship with no romance. at least for ur end, try to spice things up

ydi. I'm sorry but if he hasn't been romantic in that long it's time to get rid of him.

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He was probably nervous about it, a lot of guys are.

That's not a boyfriend. That' accountant.

Apparently a lot of guys suck at doing romantic proposals, because there was at least one other FML just like this one earlier on this site.

Generally "finally" means you're happy--as in OMG my bf FINALLY asked me to marry him!! And yet oddly you're here complaining that your bf asked you to marry him. You hung around 5 years waiting for him to ask you to marry him JUST so you could post on FML didn't you?

I think the girl said yes... her username is "weddinggirl". Oh well, not everyone can have a knight in shining armor, I guess.

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and you are still with him? ydi for being a dumbass and staying with him that long.

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ydi for possibly not having enough sex with him, or not blowing him enough.

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YDI for complaining about saving taxes.

Well, he is being practical. Just so you don't expect romance, you'll be fine.

that's soooo sweet NOT hey at least u got what u wanted didn't you??? tell him yeah ur gonna save money but u want a nice wedding

Ok. YDI for staying with that douche and now possibly marrying him if THAT was the most romantic shit he ever pulled in FIVE ******* years! That's a lot of wasted time. If this really is an FML, then back the **** out of there, quick! and don't come back!

Schizomaniac 24

Actually, 59, it was the most romantic he has ever said in TWO years. :)

Agreed with #1 Whilst it's a little clinical and demanding, the way you act in a relationship to some extent determines the way your partner reacts to it. My guess is OP didn't act very enthusiastically about the relationship, or make any sort of request of the guy. I know a lot of 'men's men' guys who are more than willing to at least be pushed around or instructed in romance, or step up for the right girl. OP, you settled for it, so YDI.

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41 nice pic of master roshi!!

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at least he wants to save taxes. doesn't that matter?

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now. let us ask ourselves. she's complaining about something she could've changed. so that's a ydi

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There are dudes that are more interested in world of warcraft than blow from their chicks. They're idiots, but they do exist.

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haha that sucks for u! but atleast he proposed!

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Yea she's lucky he proposed, especially after not boning/blowing him enough!

hey, I'm not her, so I guess she's lucky!

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34 so saying it ones isn't enough?


YDI for being with him. And YDIx100000 if you marry him.

pahah ydi for not having a more romantic love life!!(: maybe he rlly wants to marry yu but doesn't know how to say it so he uses taxes as an excuse.?! perhaps.

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what you don't think saving money is romantic? that turns me on every time! 

if you marry him, you guys will be the most boring couple ever

well if you aren't happy with how he is treating you or his lack of romance, then why are you dating him??

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EXACTLY! She should be blowing him! Not being all boring and dating!

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Well, now you have more money for your super romantic honeymoon.(:

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Can't help but see all these women with douches. Go get a real man.