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  starile  |  19

Apparently a lot of guys suck at doing romantic proposals, because there was at least one other FML just like this one earlier on this site.


Generally "finally" means you're happy--as in OMG my bf FINALLY asked me to marry him!! And yet oddly you're here complaining that your bf asked you to marry him. You hung around 5 years waiting for him to ask you to marry him JUST so you could post on FML didn't you?

  MsBrainDamage  |  0

Ok. YDI for staying with that douche and now possibly marrying him if THAT was the most romantic shit he ever pulled in FIVE fucking years! That's a lot of wasted time. If this really is an FML, then back the fuck out of there, quick! and don't come back!

  letmeinplease  |  0

Agreed with #1 Whilst it's a little clinical and demanding, the way you act in a relationship to some extent determines the way your partner reacts to it. My guess is OP didn't act very enthusiastically about the relationship, or make any sort of request of the guy. I know a lot of 'men's men' guys who are more than willing to at least be pushed around or instructed in romance, or step up for the right girl.

OP, you settled for it, so YDI.