By Kate
Today, my 5-year-old cousin came over. We were on the trampoline in my backyard when he fell off and started crying and screaming. While I was trying to comfort him, my mom came out yelling at me for "pushing him off the trampoline" and grounded me for a month. FML
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By  Benkő Máté  |  4

Everyone is innocent, until proven guilty. Ask her for proof, that you commited the act, that she is accusing you with. Don't let yourself suffer for something that you didn't commit.

  species4872  |  19

Everyone is innocent, until proven guilty......That is a very novel notion, too bad it's not like that in practice. Even if proven innocent the accusation will always stick.

By  Icyghost17  |  10

I know how that feels. My sister walked behind me while I was on a swing before, not paying attention, and I collided with her. My mother ended up hitting me for "hurting" her.