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Today, I have a condition that, when I pull my foreskin back, it looks as if a rubber band has been put on it. The doctor told me the only way to fix it was to have me circumcised. My mum laughed, then asked him if he had a magnifying lens to do it. FML
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you went to the doc about you penis with your mom?

OP could have been quite young, there isn't an age limit to write an FML


when I pull mine back it does the same thing :0

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yeah I don't think that's called a "condition"... just called being uncircumcised

nah it's called phimosis. it's kind of rare

i had the same thing as a toddler I don't understand the fml part of this... wats wrong with being circumcised

meowmeowwkitty 0 does your mom know how small your dick is?

That sounds terribly painful!! But curious to know why your mother was in the room with you at the same time? Doesn't that make things a little... Awkward?

you went to the doc about you penis with your mom?

OP could have been quite young, there isn't an age limit to write an FML

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He went to the doc with he mom, yes.

Even when I was a kid, anytime the doctor examined me, I always asked my mom to leave the room, which she did. Even with my own kids, I leave the room when they are being examined by the doctor during physicals and anything else. Its called respect

you don't wanna know what the doc could do with them in the time being!

you don't wanna know what the doc could do with them in the time being!

it's called a good time to be touched behind your back. ha!

omg is that ur tongue? cause it looks like something ran over it, backed up, and ran over it again :0

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because she didn't have it done when he was born duh

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msbunny; I think it would look a lot flatter if that happened. Sheesh it's just a little ridgey.

45 - IMO, there is no "fault" because there's nothing wrong with having a foreskin, just like there's nothing wrong with not having one. Some people are used to the circumcised penis, therefore they feel it's more attractive. But there's little to no benefit (medically, anyway) to not having a foreskin. The mother isn't doing anything "wrong" by choosing to snip her son (again, this is my opinion). The mother who chooses not to circumcise her son is also not doing anything wrong.

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I like my hotdogs without a bun. lol

57 - You said in your earlier post that there was a fault.

I don't think you're quite understanding my point.

Circumcision is genital mutilation. It is sick to do anything like that to a child. No one has the right to mutilate anyone else's body, especially not a child's. Why should a mother get to decide what body parts her child keeps? Anyone who circumcises their child should be locked up.

106, ever heard of cultural relativism? Don't judge people based off of their cultural tradition unless you are "perfect" and willing to be judged.

#109 "circumcision is a choice." I completely agree. A PERSONAL choice. It's one thing to make a personal decision to get a circumcision on oneself, but to make that choice for a defenseless baby (when it is not medically necessary) is mutilation. I completely agree with #106. Plus, there is no proof that having an intact foreskin increases the chances of contracting an STI. Please do some research before you start spouting false facts.

#114, forced female genital mutilation is part of the cultures in many African countries. The cultural acceptance of it doesn't justify it. Same for male genital mutilation in the States.

106 - Locked up? Really? I can see where you're coming from but that kind of punishment for that act is quite severe. It seems totally inappropriate. There are people who don't believe it's mutilation. Did you know there are cultures around the world that "mutilate" their bodies on purpose? They believe it's beautiful. Some even believe it's sacred. Don't judge people like that just because YOU believe it's wrong. 109 - 90%? If you were to take the entire population of the world, you would find that it's probably closer to a quarter or less (just a guess - don't shoot me if my numbers are inaccurate) that actually decides to circumcise. Once again there are no real health benefits (apart from ease of cleaning) to having your foreskin cut off. 115 - Please read what I wrote in response to 106.

#119, Please re-read my comment. I stated that it's a PERSONAL choice. I don't actually condemn mutilation. I condemn mutilation on others without their consent.

That's what I'm talking about as well. Circumcision at infancy, (take Judaism, for example) is not wrong. You can view it as wrong because it's without consent, but that doesn't make it wrong. It doesn't exactly make it right either; whether it's right or wrong is subjective.

The only problem is that if an adult wants his forskin removed it is more painful.

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1. No its not more painfull. Its ******* painfull for babies, too, they just dont remember. 2. Its not "just skin".... If somebody is 16 or 18 and still wants it: do it. "The medical benefits of a circumcised penis are many. Cleanliness" No theyre not. Cleanliness --> ******* clean yourself in the shower... it cant be too hard. "As for your POV on mutilation, that's fine and dandy, but it's your opinion. Others may not believe it's mutilation, so you should probably stop shoving your views down everyone's throat." Excuse me, but thats b*"bla bla". The reason: Everybody should make this decision for himself. Right now perhaps 90% of all circumcised men didnt. Benefits till the age of 16 or 18 (when you can decide for yourself). But there are risks... and not just a piece of skin is missing, the complete part under it transforms. 100.000s of men are not happy about their situation, when they grow up, and had never a chance to decide for themselfes (it is complete numb, nerve damage, ect... and there is absolutly nothing positive about it a medical sense... its hygiene...). And even many adults who decided to do it are not happy after it... its just not better. And: 1. there is kind of lobby behind it, like alcohol and tabacco. They want to sell their stuff (special medical instruments) to doctors, doctors get easy money for it, and so on. 2. It some countries its already outlawed for parents to do that without medical indication. .............................................................................................................................................. About the topic: Why the hell do you go with your mum to a doc with a problem about your penis? Seriously, why? Btw: A circumcision is NOT the only possible way with this condition (and there are many different ways of it, by the least 4). There are other ways... but they are often very painful (over weeks or months!) or even dont work fully (= it gets better, but not good). Again, I am too do not shoving "my views" in anybodies throat: It is just more than stupid that parents are allowed to make this decision for their children without any medical indication and believing it makes sense for some reasons which are not true. ... and again... most of the "information stuff" comes from the lobby and the companies which produce the instruments. and the MDs makes looots of easy money with it. Just saying... and I know... tl:nr

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Okay circumcision has been practiced in many ancient cultures around the world. the foreskin that is removed serves no real purpose when left attached but slightly increase the chance of infection. Also do you consider a small child who has to get his appendix removed without his consent mutilation?

I'm glad my mother had it done to me, I don't know what the **** your calling this mutilation for.

actually there is definitely a benefit to being circumcised. its more hygienic. and yes, this is coming from a medical standpoint. plus, its more attractive to the ladies

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You need to calm down and stop judging and assuming so quickly. I hated getting my son circumcised because I knew he was in pain but my husband and I chose to do it for three reasons. 1) My family is Jewish 2) My husband is circumcised and we didn't want our son to look different and feel bad about that 3) We personally felt it was cleaner. A few of our friends chose not to do it and their infants wound up with bladder infections fairly frequently. No (good) parent would make a life altering decision for their child without much thought and deliberation behind it. You'd be surprised how many decisions we make as parents that dictate a certain path for our children. As far as I am aware, no one has walked away emotionally or physically ruined due to a circumcision. Except for a man I met whose mother decided to leave the choice to him. When he was 13 he decided to get it done as he wanted to be like his Dad and feel 'cleaner'. He had to wear a diaper and wasn't allowed pants for two weeks. That certainly scarred him, he's still embarrassed to this day.

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Well, she is your mom, giving her a right to make those jokes.

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So just get circumcised. It's not a big deal.

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the fml isn't about having to get circumcised, it's about the mom saying he has a small penis

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Maybe that's why its not a "big" deal?

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Probably just a case of your foreskin opening is not stretched out to fit the size of your penis, hence when you pull it back it looks like a rubber band is on it. Stretch it out some. Just don't ask your mama for help Just don't get circumcised, it takes away a lot of the fun of masturbation!

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I assume you have your foreskin? and I'm preeeeetty sure that circumsized people have just as much fun/pleasure while jacking off..

@59 My boyfriend was medically circumcised when he was 8 and he says it's pretty numb for him. He also lasts waaaaaaay longer than my last and only other boyfriend that I had, so it is noticeable. However, this doesn't go for every guy, some actually say they feel more when circumcised, some claim to feel no difference and some, like my boyfriend, say it feels more numb.

Yes I do have a foreskin. And think about it. Without said skin when you wish to ********** you have to use lube. Otherwise you could give yourself friction burn. :-P

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Weird that your boyfriend knows the difference when he was circumsized at the age of 8.

64 - That's not true. I'm circumcised and I don't use lube and I don't get friction burn. One masturbates the same way as if one has a foreskin. Why is it that uncircumcised guys always think that? My skin isn't so tight that it doesn't move. Enough details about my penis. Keep calm. Carry on.

they need to think there uncercumciseation is better in someway....I find uncercumside ones. relly gross it looks like a seacucumber or sumthing gross

90 - WHAT THE HELL. I didn't think I would ever see someone butcher their spelling as badly as you did. Holy crap.

@65 Yeah.. I was thinking about that too.. XD I should ask him about that, once...

@ 65 His explaination: When he used to wash it in the shower, which he had to do to clean it (why did he get that infection then anyways? Hmm.. Another interesting mistery.. Don't feel like asking, lol) it felt very irritating and kinda painfull. When he washes it now he barely feels it..

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you'd know all about ************ wouldn't you?

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its not a condition your mom just never circumsized you when you were a baby, fyl