By Chester (Seattle) - 09/09/2010 02:15 - United States

Today, I got circumcised. After the surgery, my girlfriend got drunk and texted all of her friends about it. FML
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nicee. but who the balls gets circumsized as an adult? that's wierd.

Circumcised guys masturbate just fine, thank you.


She just had to celebrate!

No tip for you!

No more Dumbo trunk for you.

ugh what is it with people getting unnecessary circumcision? have fun with your new de-sensitised penis

lol this is really funny.. but I wonder why you waited so long???

lol I get it 11 ;)

What makes you think it was unnecessary? Some men have to have circumcisions for medical reasons.

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parents may not have believed in it

beast coment yet #11

aha. ydi for not keeping it clean

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or 87, OP had it done because foreskin is gross and stinky(at times).

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OP- Go have sex with your girlfriend's friends. That'll teach her to make fun of your circumcised penis. :p

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and so starts the circumcision wars. honestly ppl ur arguing about another mans dick.

What ever happened to circumcision as a religious tradition?

YDI for being J£//

why do people do that? other than health reasons?

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looks like you "puts on sun glasses" just got circumsised

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people do that for religious reasons , I believe Jewish people do but I'm not totally sure . it's a bloody process :P can't imagine it

127 - And for medical reasons. Well known fact that foreskins can get some nasty problems with em, not to mention the additional chances of infection in.. those areas.

I'm sorry Chester...but ydi for getting cut.

whereare u idiots from in america every kid is circumcised after birth

Not everyone in the US is circumcised, it's just a personal choice that the parents usually make.(except for those that have actual medical reasons)

244 how is it personal if the parents make the choice.

Are you guys serious? Why did he have unnecessary circumcision? In my opinion, he waited way too long to get it done. It stays much cleaner that way and also feels much better for whoever he has intercourse with. There is every reason to get circumcised. So I agree with number one; hell yes she had to celebrate! Good for OP's girlfriend.

Let's cut some foreskins!

It's gonna be a real slick look. I think it'll really catch on.

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year one ftw

Fresh meat!

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y would u take off ur helmet?.....

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to throw it at liberals, why wouldn't you?

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blah blah

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interesting comment

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nice tits #5

I love ur pic :D

very interesting

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hi there, if that's a real pic then you are quite the gorgeous girl

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say goodbye to easy masterbation.

Circumcised guys masturbate just fine, thank you.

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Actually 29 it's easier to masturbate with a foreskin as you don't need lube. Whereas circumcised guys have to use lube otherwise it would hurt rubbing dry hands on the head of your penis.

im just gonna be totally open... I can't say that it wouldn't be easier if I was NOT circumcised, but I can say that I am and have no trouble and do not use or need lube to masturbate.

There is a phenomenon called TMI. Everyone having anything to do with this comment needs to learn what that means.

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hey 119...even tho that may be true...there is also a thing don't have to read them if you think it's TMI...that's the beauty of YOU reading something vs someone talking...just saying

I like penis.

^ now THAT'S just...well whatever, i like penis too >.>

welcome to the Internet, you must be new here, would you like to meet my friend goatse?

I don't like ass chins

lol my pussy plus your cock means good times lol anyway

Great job on the triple negative 109...

it's not hard to jack off with a circumcised dick

u r a complete dumb shit u dont need lube and anyway it is possible to masturbate without ever touching the head not that I'm saying u hav to do that if ur circumcised

nicee. but who the balls gets circumsized as an adult? that's wierd.

Some adult males are circumcised for health reasons, including cancer.

silly assmole didn't you get an education?

although I do know some one who got circumcised because his girlfriend said it hurt her when they has sex but she just wanted to break up. he went through with it though and then he was in a lot of pain then she dumped him explaining the reason she said that. he is a dumb ass though.

who ever said he was an adult?

177 -- if he's NOT an adult, and has a girlfriend who get drunk, then either his girlfriend is a pedophile, or they're really disturbing children.

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I know quite a few teens that drink, but you would need parent permission to get circumsized so young, and most would not approach their parents about it. especially if the origional reason he wasent, is because his parents dont believe in it, so he probroly is at least 20

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13 for me.

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Your spelling sucks.

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Fist her. You ain't having sex anyways.

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FYLDeep, I just..I can' have put such a horrid image in my head. OUCH! A girl fist would hurt, but OP is a guy. Bigger hands=bigger fists. Oh wow, ouch. I have to walk away now. You've ruined me.

I've learned some people really do enjoy fisting. To each their own.

FFML_314 11

Oh, I have no doubt in my mind. It just sounds painful and somehow awkward. I suppose it's one of those "hey you'll like it once you try it" then it's "well you'll get used to it" sort of things. Or, I could just be a big baby.

I think it's one of those things only a select, pardon my word choice, handful of people would enjoy. You would have to already be into a few other things before attempting such a thing. I remember hearing about a couple who had to go to the ER because a pound of cement had to be surgically removed from the man's colon. Why they were having sex where wet cement was not only present, but used... The mind boggles.

FFML_314 11

That is odd. I had to bring a resident to the ER after she came back from her husbands house. She had a rubber band stuck inside of her. She said "it was a cock ring" Disturbing.

Cock rings are pretty common. I've heard so much, I don't even consider bondage to be a fetish anymore, it's so overdone it's practically mandatory.

FFML_314 11

I suppose I was just disturbed, because she's like a grandmother to me.

That is pretty disturbing, in any case. But it also makes some sense, seeing what a cock ring is used for in the first place.

Bondage can get pretty crazy. I'd consider it a fetish

FYLDeep 25

Not sure if you guys got my original post. I was suggesting fisting her as a way of getting revenge. I was assuming that it would hurt her, and she wouldn't like it. Just off a fresh circumcision, there's no chance they were going to have sex anyways. I was just being intentionally blunt above.

Oh I got it, don't worry. I was just making a sort of joke out of it.