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Today, I was suspended for "selling drugs on campus". I was trying to give the school nurse approved medication for my severe epilepsy. I'm suspended for 3 weeks and have to go to a drug seminar. FML
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manb91uk 22

I smell a lawsuit! You’d make more money suing the school than selling them drugs

They probably thought you would seizure this opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side.


They probably thought you would seizure this opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side.

OP, did you provide your Rx in the prescription bottle itself? So what would happen if you showed up for class anyway? Can you appeal to the Principal?

boopingsnoot 24

Some school districts don't make a distinction between Advil and meth - drugs on campus means you're dealing

So how is OP supposed to get the medicine to the school nurse? This situation should have been easily solved by a conversation and follow-up letter from OP’s doctor.

zero-tolerance drug policy = zero common sense + 100% stupidity.... smh

tckm1699 7

I used to get sick a lot before I had my tonsils taken out and so on the weekends I went to my dad’s house (he picked me up directly from school) if I had antibiotics that I had to bring over, my mom had to drive me to school and bring it to the nurse and then my dad had to pick them up directly from the nurse because I was told I could get expelled for having it with me in school or on the bus, even if I just had it for a few mins at the end of the day-they let me pick it up but after a while even stopped doing that. The public school system is very strict on any type medication

manb91uk 22

I smell a lawsuit! You’d make more money suing the school than selling them drugs

Why would the school nurse want to take your epilepsy meds? C’mon, how much were you charging or was she going to pay in a non-cash way, if you know what I mean? ;)

Some districts have a policy that require medications that students need to take, while at school, be handed by the school nurse. These policies are meant to help make sure the students are taking their medication properly. They also are in place to prevent students from selling their drugs.

So the nurse has to pick up each student's Rx @ pharmacy to prevent sales? Who witnessed OP selling/ giving away said meds? Smh....

Guys, he is making a joke about the school nurse taking, as in ingesting, the medications. -_-

OP please fight hard. You will win because this is ridiculously unfair.

There is more to it than this. OP had to have left out some key details

ThatGuy9679 13

You know what they say about assuming

You make an *ss outta yourself "meritoriously?" ;-)

That's enough to make you have an (epilepsy) fit.

Something that bothers me - If the medication was for OP and in a Rx with OP’s name, why was OP giving the medication to the school nurse?

Depending on school policy the medication may be required to be registered with the nurse. Some high schools and middle schools do this to prevent prescription medications being spread around campus, especially with things like ADD and ADHD meds.

boopingsnoot 24

Because usually the school nurse is the one a student needs to go to, if they need medication during school hours? Where I went to school, kids with asthma weren't allowed to carry their own inhalers, it had to stay with the nurse

But OP was trying to do just that: handing over his Rx meds to said nurse, no???

That doesn't make sense to me. If someone is having an asthma attack, s/he'll want that inhaler pretty quickly instead of trying to get to the nurse and having the nurse find the inhaler.

BossyC94 6

Depending on the grade and school that is a necessity. They what to keep track of everything and do not want "kids" students to be in possession of any "drugs". This is to include ibuprofen, I had a school like this a few years back.

Most schools require that meds be administered by the nurse or the child's parents. The nurse would need a written doctor's order.

The whole zero tolerance policy idea sure has been a success! /s

I have to say that I am glad I grew up before “the drug crisis” “zero tolerance” and dorky looking bike helmets....