By conductingfromthegrave - 01/07/2009 05:18 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were making out, and about to have sex, when she asked me to "do that thing we did yesterday". We haven't had sex in 6 days. FML
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she probably just meant "last time" and said yesterday. nbd

U shoulda said "ok" and started jerkin off. Then ask her what SHE did yesterday.


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wow you wasted your life camping on a ridiculous site waiting to be first to comment on a post - FYL and YDI... you sad bastard... gtfo and make some friends...

To the FIRST poster. Congratulations, everyone hates you.

The people who post "First!" on this site are just trying to get an angry reaction, which they always get without fail. I doubt it's that big a deal for them to be the first person to comment.

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the only way to stop these people is to ignore them. they do it for the attention and you give them exactly what they want.

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woww that really sucks :/ hopefully she was kidding?

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So if "what you did yesterday" wasn't anything you actually did last time, consider it your Skank Alarm going off.

she probably just meant "last time" and said yesterday. nbd

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Agreed. Unfortunately sense has no place on

I was a bit confused with this FML, but #6 got it spot-on. I don't know how many times I've gotten "last time" and "yesterday" mixed up

That's probably it. My partner does it all the time only with smaller things like movies we watched or something. So I don't blame the OP's girlfriend for mixing it up.

Did you.. not have sex, but do something else? Like laying on the couch watching TV and you felt her up? IDK :( I hope she's just mixed up, don't jump to assumptions without decent proof IMO

You might ask her what she and the man with the big dick did yesterday, so you can attempt to match his wizardry with your shrivelled little wand.

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WOW....what a ***** i woulda **** slapped the taste out of her mouth

I think the only reason people voted this down is because you said *****. that last part is funnier than shit