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Today, a soldier in my unit had unknowingly lost a GPS in the woods and my section was sent to go find it. After hours of wading through chest high swamps in 32 degree weather, the GPS was found, thanks to the soldier who lost it. It was in his vest. FML
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caticaticati 3

I can't believe people think this says anything about the state of the military. Do you know how many highly intelligent people do shit like this on occasion? It happens.


Does this worry anyone else about the state of our armed forces, and all the money we're apparently needlessly wasting on moments and technology like this? Oy.

bettadenne1 0

shoulda used a gps to find it ;]

lol i wonder how many push-ups that soldier is going to have to do.

jazziloveberryy 3

Agreed with #26. #13- Just because I person messed up doesn't mean that all moments are like that. Unless you are fighting over there, than you really can't talk because you don't have actual experience of what's going on.

why the hell are u writing FMLs in the middle of a friggen WAR?!?!

pinkmd 0

oh christ, settle down. they're normal people. you haven't ever lost something just to find it in front of your face? This has no impact on "the state of our soldiers." And guess what, as I used to be in the navy, I can tell you that we get paid a flat rate every day. you can either pay him to look for his gps, or pay him to sit and play cards. so anyway, settle down.

@ #39: 42. Seriously? No one thought to ask the man to check his pockets, etc. before searching? This happens in my life all the time so I now frisk before going on the hunt.

rldostie 19

Ohhh, this happened to me too at Fort Polk. Some asshole lost a detnation cord and we had to spend three extra days in the field after a 40 day field training exercise. Those extra three days after you really expected to go home and take a much needed shower does feel like your life has been ******.

shiarrael 13

Because he's stationed in the US, perhaps?

TapeMan_3000 0

couldn't they just look on their gps linked net thing and find it? unless they don't have those yet or it was off though... yeah that really sucks sorry that that happened to you.

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I found a used condom behind the bushes!!! ouch I think I have poison IV!!!!! just kidding

how about you STFU or get a c*nt punt if you aren't even in the service. you wouldn't want someone talking about you if they don't know a thing about you or your life 13, 15. 52 he is in Georgia training for war dipstick. besides there are some amenities as computers for those that defend. 57 so correct, PCC's and PCI's. 12 just STFU. the best for last.

IMAGINARY FOE, yeah your just that. you use the term wanker so you must be of British/ crown. if so, the current state of things occurred due to the empires forced ruling and meddling in that semi autonomous region. personally, I believe you raghead loving Brits should be all there and resolving this problem. not Americans.

just because your BUTT HURT because you cannot join and serve like your family, don't be a "cheeky bast-tard" whens someone says they served for you. they did when they chose to by volunteering. just grin and bear it.

Blue_Coconuts 7

My unit always had us check our shit before we went on the hunt for any high value items. We also avoided giving them to retards... But really though, it's good you found it, you don't want to go through the headache if you didn't... We had someone lose thier DAGR on a mission after an IED hit. We had to search all over for that bitch.

RKftw 0

Seouldier, I have no idea what you're talking about with meddling empires and the butt hurt thing. Most of my friends who joined the military did it for the various benefits they would get, not to valiantly defend the world from "ragheads" or anyone else. I'm not saying it lessens the sacrifices they've made but they are more clueless - and angry - than I about why they are risking their lives. However, they do all agree they are not doing it for me which is a relief because I wouldn't want them to.

26 wins and @52: Read where this was posted from. GEORGIA. Even if you didn't read that, do you know anywhere the U.S is fighting a war at where there are chest-high swamps and 32 degree weather? Also, in case you don't know, fighting a war is generally long periods of boredom punctuated by breif, intense periods of fighting. Soldiers have enough time to post an FML every now and then.

okay, he put it in the wrong pocket don't diss the military

if he is in Ga then he is most likely at fort benning training with the army

shiarrael 13

No, he's not. He's at Fort Stewart, preparing for deployment.

Fabby_fml 2

@96- Being in the military doesn't put you in some elite class of better people. While we (or I, at least) appreciate your services, we will still laugh at you when you act stupid. :)

k, let me get this straight you're a soldier, currently on duty BUT you still have time to post FML's. ??? what's this world coming to?

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#128 They are not working 24/7. They do need time to rest and relax. And it doesn't take long to post a FML.

Wow, absolutely hilarious. Let me help here for a second, perhaps put things into context. As a Sergeant of Marines I pulled this often; it's classic "two birds, one stone" leadership. 1. Everyone knows that we can't hit people anymore, right?? And you know that we can't force a squad/fireteam into a freezing ass swamp because they are being sh1th3ads right?( These are both career Enders, and are considered hazing). Solution??: take a piece of very important gear, or tool ( never weapon or explosive) from the guy who REALLY needs a lesson, then make the squad/ fireteam go through he77 and highwater to find it. put it back with that person, in a jacket pocket perhaps. or vest that is put down out of eyesight. everyone learns some discipline, and sh1thead will swear up and down how he looked in the vest ten times as the rest of the squad kicks his a&$. Op will understand when he puts on some rank and has to be a leader someday.

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hey im bein paid 2 respond to this comment right now lolz hooyah navy

well the 'enemy' could have found it, or it could been punishment

I don't even know what to say... that really sucks

I know, right? This shit doesn't happen in CoD.

Look up CoD Modern Warfare 3. It's a podcast from the Onion.

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loloololol I saw that the onion is beast so funny :D

paper_tigers 0

Have you ever done a month of patrolling? That shit becomes second nature, and your gear like an extension to you, but if you never use it, its like out of sight out of mind... i could see this happening, place it somewhere other than usual and then at the end of all the training, when you go to turn it in you forget where it was... i got through customs with a full combat load of ammo...

saywaturcoco 0

@81. u know wats funny.... the first few times I saw ur pic I thought u were a woman who smokes and has a baggy face!!!! but ur not....

Time to pull a full metal jackett and beat the shit out of Min with soap in pillowcases.

A "dumb idiot" is that like a smart genius? or a silly fool?

"Oh no! The bastard lost something and found it in a goofy-ass place! He must be an IDIOT!" Anyone could make that mistake, you fucknugget.

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wudnt the swamp water freeze?

Swamp water would not freeze because: water has a freezing point of 32 degrees F; 0 degrees C. When water us mixed with salt, the freezing point is lowered. When water is mixed with things you can naturally find, the freezing point also decreases. That is why swamp water wouldn't freeze at 0 degrees C.

Also, the weather temperature wouldn't mean that the water would be the same temperature.

paper_tigers 0

just think how much colder they were with any wind chill...

riseagainst1616 0

but it's fresh water so y does the pond near my house freeze

paper_tigers 0

OP was in a swamp, swamp water is typically full of stuff, the more things in the water that are saturated into it, the lower the freezing point is, an example from earlier would be salt water, won't freeze at 32F. Your pond being fresh water will freeze much closer to 32F

maddy23a 5

Maybe it's 32 degrees Celsius ?

Hurry up we're waiting on you....,,Hurry up we're waiting on you......!

rldostie 19

ahahaha! Oh, the good old days. Hurry up and wait.

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wow dude, sorry what a D move

I'd whoop his dumbass!! I would not feel safe deploying with that idiot!!! hopefully he never loses his weapon and y'all get in a fire fight!!!!

paintballwarrior 20

A GPS is a small, lightweight device that you don't keep in your hand, and is likely not tethered to you. Meanwhile, a rifle is a 9 pound, massive, piece of kit that is always in your hands, and may actually be tethered to your body.


damn how would he not know it was there he must have not looked very good that's blows /: