By sarahxHx - United States - Laguna Niguel
Today, the guy I've been dating for 3 weeks showed up at my house at 7 AM. I was about to give him a kiss when he said, "Good morning, is Sarah here?" I was confused until I realized he didn't recognize me because I had no make up on. FML
sarahxHx tells us more :
Hey it's OP. We stood there for a good 5 seconds until he realized it was actually me. He sincerely apologized and he said he hope it didn't offend me. He's a really nice guy and I'm happy to be dating him! :) We went hiking that morning. And for those saying I wear too much makeup on, I don't. I simply have super light eyebrows and eyelashes, and girls here would understand that doing your eyebrows and putting on black mascara makes a HUGE difference. For my face, I only wear a light coverage tinted moisturizer. You're all so quick to judge. SMH.
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  DoomedGemini  |  37

I have to point out, you don't have to CAKE it on. Any makeup makes you look different because it makes certain features more noticeable. That's what it's for(other than theater makeup and such). You can still look pretty different without making it a mask, especially to someone you've only been seeing for 3 weeks.

  KawaiiPinkie  |  11

Why not let her decide how much makeup she want to use? Why do you even care? A lot of people here on this site is so narrominded, stupid and disgusting!

  MrConcise  |  34

I have to point out HOW LIMITED the information we get is until there's a followup. We have no idea if she cakes it on or just brushes on some eyeliner before leaving the house. Based on the tone of the FML, we can assume either the boyfriend is a moron or OP cakes it on. We're not being judgmental, just making educated guesses.

  sarahxHx  |  10

I explained everything in the comment I left. I never intended on creating an account that's why I left this anonymous but I totally forgot that a lot of people in this community are such an ass. There was a character limit so I couldn't explain any further and I didn't really expected it to be published. :/

  EatUrGreens  |  20

Saying that someone derserves it because they use as much make up as they please is being judgemental. Especially if you don't know why the person uses make-up.. and even that doesn't and shouldn't matter.
Some people have horrible acne and the only way to cover it and get the natural skin tone look is to, and I quote the 38th commenter, "Cake" it on.. I don't see why it bothers other people, some should just mind their own business lol

  MrConcise  |  34

Lemme just quote your comment. "Natural skin tone LOOK". The fact that you need to look a certain way and can't be comfortable in your own skin is why people are disapproving of excessive amounts of makeup. Acne or not, you are who you are.


If you didn't expect it to be published, why did you try submitting it to FML? (serious question, as I see a lot of people on facebook update their status with something cryptic, then when you comment on it, you get bitched out for commenting and that "it's none of your business". Why then post it in the first place?)

  a1_z9  |  10

It's all very well commanding women to feel comfortable with their natural skin, but people treat you differently if they see you've made no effort to cover up your 'flaws'. If everyone around them has an artificially even skin tone can you blame them for not wanting to stick out in a negative way?

  ChantsYDI  |  4

@#84: #39 probably got "downvoted to hell" for calling a lot of FML users stupid in a comment replete with grammar and spelling mistakes...?

By  qdawg06  |  23

Clearly you wear way too much...