By dating a fking cnt - 10/11/2012 00:16 - Canada

Today, I got my wisdom teeth removed. My girlfriend had agreed to come over after and make sure I was okay, so I called her, saying I was done. She told me she'd made new plans, and to "just suck on a tampon, you pussy". FML
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Damn. BTW. You aren't supposed to "suck" on anything. Unless you want a dry socket.


crazytwinsmom 25

That's not really a dump-worthy transgression unless she's that rude all the time.

But if she's rude like that for no good reason then I agree with her, It's dump wothy..

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If you break up with someone for small stupid reasons like this, be prepared to be single fo lifeee!

If you take your partner for granted and are rude like that, you'll be singel for life too.

I don't know...this could be a hint at her personality, imo. The OP needed her to look after him (which is a good idea...OP won't be able to drive anywhere for a day or so, and will also be taking prescription pain killers which can have side-effects) and she wasn't there for him when she said she would be. Sure, it might just be a one-time thing. But it also might be a pretty big clue towards her unreliability, and/or her uncaring nature towards a loved one who needs help/is in pain.

That's absolutely dump worthy. I couldn't stand to be together with someone who blatantly showed such disregard for me and my pain. That's hurtful and just plain rude. I'd never call something like this "small"...

What kind of plans? I hope it doesn't involve a boy. Also, who wouldn't want to see their bf/gf?

Wow nice girlfriend, why would you be with someone like that? :/ sorry for you man!

Personally I find the tampon comment funny. And wisdom teeth being removed isn't a huge deal. It's not like he got a leg amputated...

It's still pretty painful. I know how it feels OP, my boyfriend came over to my house with his friends to take pictures of my chipmunk cheeks to put on facebook =/

It's still considered a surgical operation, and requires a few days of recovery (about a week, sometimes more depending on the situation.) And really, OP won't be allowed to drive for the next day or so, and might have side-effects to the painkillers he'll be taking. That's why doctors and dentists recommend that a patient not be alone for the next few days after having their wisdom teeth removed. Too many people treat it as no big deal, and can end up with torn stitches, infections or sometimes worse.

whiteboy896 9

Who cares if she got new plans? Just take a couple extra pain killers and forget about it.

OP's appropriate response could have been: Well you can go **** yourself because I ain't doing it

Damn. BTW. You aren't supposed to "suck" on anything. Unless you want a dry socket.

Speckledots, how did you know that? Are you a dental assistant?

Probably because if you have had your wisdom teeth pulled, you will have been warned by the dentist that sucking, smoking etc will cause dry socket.

Dentists these days tend to give you forms on what not to do and how to take care of your teeth. Ya know. proper procedure and such.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed, my dentist gave me a form with information on what to do and not to do. You can't suck on anything (like a straw for example) because the pressure will remove the blood clot from the open wound and then you can get dry socket or an infection. My dentist advised me to just apply gauze every 15-30 minutes depending on how much bleeding there was.

I had the exact same thing happen to me as 86.

my shit dentist didn't give me any form. sooo....I got a dry socket. first and last time he will ever be my dentist. (it was my first wisdom tooth removal) :(

If I was her I would have said "put a tampon up you mangina and man up pussy."

Onlychildftw, I can tell by your FML profile that you're a moron. That explains your comment. Also, your comment leads me to believe you don't treat your girlfriend/boyfriend very well.

T9FTW 20

Aww, she's so loving! I'm jealous of your relationship.

MeLuvBewbs 7

Tell her to "suck your dick". That will make you feel better

That there was real clever like, that there was.

Yes, "meluvbewbs", you CLEARLY look like the type of person to give good relationship advice.

Eddie209 3

There's some sarcasm here #45. Learn to pick it up.

Actually not a bad idea. If you've had teeth pulled you'd know ...

zingline89 18

Actually a terrible idea. If you've had common sense you'd know...

I see who has the balls in this relationship..

Then you have gotten way too intimate with OP.

oj101 33

That wasn't a *wise* thing for her to do. In fact, it was *incisorsive* of her to do.

oj101 33

and you should have a *molar* compassionate girlfriend. FYL

Those are all terrible puns. Or teethible, whichever you prefer.

oj101 33

#26, do I get a cookie for at least trying?

oj101 33

there's always some pun to be had

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Get a tampon from a nice, new girl -- a fresh, unused one that is still in its wrapper. Then, open the wrapper and send her to get you a tampon.