By frenchgirl - 23/11/2009 06:59 - United States

Today, I saw one of my favorite hockey players in public. I had met him once before, and to my shock, he remembered me. I was pretty excited until he started talking to his friend in French. He didn't seem to realize that I'm fluent in the language. He basically called me "ugly psycho bitch." FML
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i hope you said something back to him in french lol

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i hope you said something back to him in french lol

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^This This is technically a FHL since he decided to be rude under the impression that you couldn't understand it. My sister, who's fluent in Spainish, had some Hispanic coworkers who would regularly talk bad about people under the "you can't speak my language/understand me" card. From what she's told, it feels pretty damn good to tell those people off in the language they think no one else speaks.

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I am very excited to do this :) I plan to become fluent in spanish anyway so that will be fun! I already try to understand their conversations but they just speak so damn fast >.

Actually, I keep quiet, because then it feels like I'm spying.

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it does! tht happened to me once that some Japanese jerks were saying how everyone was so ugly with weird cloths and hair (when their the ones that were different in OUR country) then not only did I tell them off in japanese, but I told everyone around us what they were saying. needless to say, they didn't talk like that anymore! XD

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i agree completely. if you did something psycho and bitchy enough that he remembers you, out of all the fans he's ever met, you deserve it. also, ydi for speaking french

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Tsk, tsk, tsk... That is really mean but considerate enough to actually say it in another language he thought you didn't understand.

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marc-andre fleury? he sucks anyways.

seeing him and the Penguins take on the Panthers tonight. It should hopefully be a good game.

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I have to say... go panthers! Even though they beat my Rangers the other day... i hate the pens more. :). Enjoy yourself, I wish I was going to a game soon.

The funny thing is most of the people I am going with are huge Penguin fans, so this is gonna be fun.

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Oooh, you're not?? even better! :).

I Hope you tell him that he was "un connard qui croit qu'il est le seul à parler français sur terre."

Did you just suggest he's the only one who can speak on French soil?

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Nah, I've met Fleury several times. He's one of the nicest guys I've ever met, famous or not.

Eh, it's not so bad. Hockey players can be nice guys but they can also be a bunch of stuck up jerks. I happen to work for a hockey team.