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Today, I fell in the shower and the doors jammed shut. I was stuck in there for hours, waiting for my parents to come home. They had to open the door for me while I was still naked inside. FML
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It could have been worse- they could haves called the fire department to get you out or something


1dvs_bstd 41

You're so deep, Adele is rolling so into you.

So is it everywhere else. It's called a strip club.

Oh, didn't know strippers wedging themselves in shower doors for money was popular, sounds kinky.

Wow, wait howd they get in there if was jammed

Ugh, I feel bad for you! There's that uncomfortable feeling when parents see you naked

why is this getting downvoted? you're right!

My brother walked in on me changing one time. Wasn't even completely naked and I was still mortified. D: but at least you are not stuck in the shower anymore!!

Your parents will have seen you shit, piss and puke during the stages of your life, seeing you naked isn't the worst they'll have ever seen so try not to worry too much. :)

Yeah but when your body is no longer that of a baby's your parents probably haven't seen it.

True 7, but I'm thinking op looks a little bit different than when he was a baby!

I know, but it really won't be the worst their parent has ever seen.

It could have been worse- they could haves called the fire department to get you out or something

CAC_Boomerang 24

And the police department for good measure. Can't have them sinister hostage-taking shower doors walking the streets!

And the police and fire department could have been all good looking guys or girls! Sitcom style.

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Why didn't you try breaking down the door, is my question, or a window if there was one. Don't give up, if I was stucj I will get myself unstuck

OP would end up naked, bleeding, and with a bill to replace the shower door.

What's wrong with that. You are the one that was stuck and needed help. How else would they get you out. Plus they are your parents so you should worry too much about it.YDI

I was with you until you wrote "YDI". Not sure why OP deserves that unfortunate incident to happen to them.

KhaleesiDannie 26

That sucks OP I hope you weren't hurt and it may be embarrassing but at least it was just your parents and not a stranger like a fireman