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Today, I told my girlfriend that her mom doesn't give us any privacy when we're at their place. I suggested that we go to my place for a change, and she agreed. Her mom called my house three times to see what we were doing. We're well beyond teenagers. FML
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next time... repeat after me: **** off, im ******* your daughter.. that will stop her ever ringing you again :)


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I agree she needs a life but the op deserves it if they are "We're well beyond teenagers" and still live at home.

no joke. CUT the umbilical cord already

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Yeah and what the hell is "well beyond teenagers"? Either you're adults or you're not. Adults refer to themselves as "adults" so I'm guessing that by "well beyond teenagers" you mean 20?

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It was never stated that OP lives at home with his parents, just that the girlfriend does.

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Phone. The Hook. Off. Now make a sentence with these words.

Can you even make a sentence with those words?

"Take the phone off the hook" that wasn't hard.

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indeed #23, I never said you only are allowed to use those four words. Magicwings and silentsparrow, you have been beaten by a girl.

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ur a few words short there

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wats wrong w/ being beaten by a girl... ur such a shovanistic pig >.> get a life ur gonna get beaten by girls alot!! bet u already were which is y u talk like that y were u going to her place if u could of just been going to urs in the 1st place?!? u shouldnt of dealt w/ the mother thing if u could of done that... n y is she still living at home if she's way beyond a teen? do u live w/ ur parents? wow if u do Move Out!! YDI for still having been going to her house if u had no privacy until then...n just now going to urs. y would u go to hers in the first place if her mom was there o.0 who has sex while their parents r home?!? wtf!! dont do somethin u need privacy 4 if ur parents r there duh!! its called being smart 4 a reason!!

It can also work as "Hook the phone off."

"its called being smart 4 a reason" Hmmm usually orthographical solecism are not considered to be erudite... I've never heard of a "shovantistic" person before, but would I have veracity in assuming the convictions of a "chauvinistic" man would be equally offensive to you?

from the way you type, you still live at home too, so you really cant talk.

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Learn how to spell you illiterate ****

"...It's the girls in the front row singing It's the boys with the wheels that bring them It's the lighters in the air and you guys up there You're the heart and the soul and the reason we do what we do Here's to you..." thats pre much a congrats. jus cause being third (not even first) is probably going to be your life's greatest accomplishment

Wow, I suggest you take her to a psychiatrist. NOW.

next time... repeat after me: **** off, im ******* your daughter.. that will stop her ever ringing you again :)

Exactly. She wants to know what you're doing--TELL her.

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Mom: "Hi, I just want to know what you are doing over there?" Boyfriend: "Your daughter. I'm doing your daughter." Mom: "... *hangs up*" Win!

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Better than putting thte phone off the hook XD

That's called being overprotective. I saw something like this on Dr. Phil not long ago, lol! (Make her see that specific episode, she might realize a thing or two.)

Good point. Which 'well beyond teenager' lives with their mom?! Seriously.

People paying for university or saving up for their first home.

if you didn't read, it says "at their place". if she was living with her mother, i think he would have said "at her place".

7 and 9 did you even read the FML? He was at his own place and the mother called him there. In fact, that was the entire point of the FML.

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#16 did YOU even read the FML? It starts off by saying that the mother doesn't give the two of them any privacy when they are at the mother[and daughter]'s place.

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YDI for dating someone who still lives with her mother. i doubt college counts as "well beyond teenagers"

I agree. You two need your own place if you're "well beyond teenage year".

It really comes down to what "well beyond" means. If it means like early-20s, the OP isn't necessarily a loser. A lot of people are still in college in their early-20s and many college students live at home (esp if they go to school in their hometown). On the other hand, if "well beyond" means late-20s/early-30s, then yeah, they're losers.

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Early 20's obviously isn't "well beyond" teenage years. Late 20s/early 30s is more to that point, and if dude has his own house, common sense should have told them just go there and not pick up the phone while they banged.

atleast your girlfriend agreed on the privacy thing, she could have taken the side of her mother...