By polebitch49 - 14/03/2014 20:45 - Canada - Toronto

Today, my friends hired a male stripper to give me a lap dance for my birthday. It was all pretty nice until he let rip one of the most nauseating farts I've ever encountered, right in my face. Hours later, I can still smell it. FML
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I would say that this situation would be the opposite of of the "axe effect."

I'm lucky. I can't smell most things. So I could never smell my ex's. Did make me run to the shower every time I heard him though *shudder*

38- I believe it's called the "ass effect"

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This is one of the rare instances when a girl doesn't look ignorant for claiming she smelled a guys colon.

aw darn he blew it for you OP ;) sorry about that :(

i guess you can say he blew you away ;)

Note to self: don't eat burrito before giving a lap dance

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The "Magic Mike" effect blown away by a fart

Would be even funnier if your friends payed him to do that.

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Did you spank him for doing that?