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Today, it's April Fool's day. I had to take a CPR class, and everything was going well. We took a break and I went to get a drink of water and started choking. They thought I was making fun of the class, and made me leave. FML
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How would choking even be making fun of the class?!

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Did anyone need to perform CPR on you?


How would choking even be making fun of the class?!

Probably OP meant they thought they were pulling a prank by pretending to choke

I would have given him points for volunteering to give hands on training.

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Judging by the name, I presume OP is a she

Good thing you didn't die or they'd feel like idiots. Though honestly why would the first thing they think be that you were making fun of the class....

Because its April's fools day...People tend to be more wary of pranks and jokes on April's fools, even if thats not the intention

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I choke on my own saliva sometimes, so... Yes?

no, water is code name for your moms butt

Hey, these things happen. It's called accidentally breathing while simultaneously swallowing water. (choking)

While drinking water epiglottis closes to block tracheal (windpipe) opening so that water dont go inside.But for many reason like trying to speak or lost in other thoughts while drinking can result in choking.Usually person experience paroxyms of cough and get relieved but can be dangerous in kids and person of old age.

Anything that gets into your windpipe WILL choke you, because the windpipe is only big enough for air (I'm no sure if that's the windpipe though...) so it's not farfetched.

Just tell them you were doing a drill and all of them failed for not helping you.

What's the difference between a dead baby and a rock? . . You can't have sex with a rock

1st April... The only day you have to make sure nothing bad happens to you...