By megan - United States - Lutz
Today, it's April Fool's day. I had to take a CPR class, and everything was going well. We took a break and I went to get a drink of water and started choking. They thought I was making fun of the class, and made me leave. FML
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By  19990231  |  29

Can you really blame them?

  myselfkk  |  20

While drinking water epiglottis closes to block tracheal (windpipe) opening so that water dont go inside.But for many reason like trying to speak or lost in other thoughts while drinking can result in choking.Usually person experience paroxyms of cough and get relieved but can be dangerous in kids and person of old age.

  Retaheki  |  27

Anything that gets into your windpipe WILL choke you, because the windpipe is only big enough for air (I'm no sure if that's the windpipe though...) so it's not farfetched.