By da man - Canada
Today, my friend was picking on me at school by constantly tapping on my shoulder. At recess I had enough. I felt the familiar tap on my shoulder, and I drove my elbow into what I thought was my friends stomach. It was my Principal. FML
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By  sniperpie  |  0

Our lunch is just a highly controlled feeding period in which you may not leave the designated area. Violators are suspended for a week. Or it is in High School anyway.

By  quiksta  |  0

p.p.s. "that's called lunch in here in the usa"
in here? where? the lunchroom of america? what's with people being such naive cave dwellers. do you all live under your own personal rock? is it impossible that things are done differently in other parts of the world? christ, look at the LUNCH TIME AUTHORITIES in the comments of this post. piss off with your tunnel vision style thoughts.
sorry for the double post, your timer ran out before i could finish typing my rant. why is there a timer anyway? is there something wrong with being able to go back and edit posts later? too convenient?


Not so sorry to burst your bubble, but OP using the term 'recess' has NOTHING to do with him being too young for this site. I'm 16 years old (year 11) and here in Australia we call our first break recess and our second break our lunch break.