By thanksmom - 30/04/2011 01:00 - United States

Today, my mom paid $40 for overnight shipping on delivery of paint for my Art major dropout sister, but insists on making me wait two weeks for my diabetes medication. FML
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that bitch.

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Fake a hypoglycemic coma. I know I would.


tief06 0

that bitch.

you are only half right, she is in fact a female, yet not a doggy

JacksonCampbell 9

Art majors are pointless. You don't need a university to tell you you can paint, sculpt, draw, or overall be successful. an extreme example of this would be Adolfo Hitler. Art universities denied him access, only for him to be one of the most famous men in history. Science department is where it's at.

Plan a Plan to damage her pancreas that little or no insulin will be produced and prevent her from getting medication. Lets see how she likes it.

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agreed 15

bitch (n.) a female dog The bitch gave birth to the puppy.

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I am pretty sure that if you need insulin and she isn't getting it for you that is neglect or child abuse considering it is a NEED if you only need pills for your diabetes then you can control it with diet and exercise so do the diet and exercise but still tell your mother to fk off for not giving you your meds!!

well there's two ways to get you meds one tell you school principal what's going on or in the middle of the night take a pillow case and choke her with it. JK but go see a principal

14 your a douche, and na man that's messed up diabetes is serious thing man. Get pay back by scrubbing the toilet with your moms toothbrush

heres an idea: give your mom a bomb. set timer and give her wire cutters. then say oops, the book that says how to defuse a bomb comes in two weeks.

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Hitler isn't primarily know for his art though -.- Employees don't care about whether or not you have a major in fine arts, they care about whether you're actually skilled at it or not. While going to school for art can certainly help you greatly it's definitely not necessary.

I wonder if the op has a two week supply on hand and isn't whining just because she doesnt have the package NAOW also, two weeks for delivery? wtf?!

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Your picture is highly offensive.

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spoiled brat

84, Even though it's not a necessity, when the economy gets bad, as it's been, and you need something more to get the bills paid, A college Degree helps with that.

She's probably on a deadline, so stop thinking about yourself OP.

your just not that important :(

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dear 108 she dropped out of school!! what would she have a deadline for??

one could ask, "Where is the love?"

"Your picture is highly offensive" Grow up please?

Mr_Darkside 5

go to the hospital and call your mom. stretch the truth make the reason your their sound worse then it really is. I bet you she'll feel horrible. plus I bet they'll give you insulin at the hospital. so not only will your mom feel like a bitch (cause she is one) you'll also get what you need.

KellyIsTheBest32 12

108, OP is on a deadline for LIFE.

I see my eyes skipped over the dropout part of the FML, so therefore I apologise to OP who indeed may soon be skipping on the path of the underworld.

bitch_pleez 10

*diabeetus I hate when people think its pronounced diabetes.

They probably won't give her enough insulin to last her though... they'll give her enough to bring her sugars low enough so she's out of hospital. Then it's back to square one! Also I don't know how it works in America, but if you have to go to hospital for any reason, don't you have to pay?

oops, that was meant to be for #154.

15 he is famous in a bad way though

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Am sure OP's mother has a perfectly logical reason for this insane act...

flighted 1

Yes, it is called PLAYING FAVORITES :|

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Fake a hypoglycemic coma. I know I would.

call her out on it or get a damn job

actually without insulin it would be better to fake diabetic ketoacidosis

137, agreed, although they'll check op's urine, so maybe it's better to move straight to the coma. oh, wait, all this is going to happen no matter what if those meds don't arrive in time...send your mom the hospital bill, op.

How can you fake diabetic coma with no insulin? Assuming OP is insulin dependent, they will have ketoacidosis within a few days without medication, will be vomiting and extremely ill within 12 hours. I was hospitalized by 1 week.. Granted everyone is different? OP needs to go to the hospital, tell the they have no medication and her family can't pay for it. the end. Cheers.

The medication wouldn't exactly help with that so that wouldn't prove a point. The medication is generally there to check what level the sugars are at, and to give insulin to keep sugars low and balance out any food eaten. If they're left without that it's more likely OP's sugars would go high. Besides, if they fake a hypoglycaemic coma then next time, if it's real, they might just assume OP's faking.

so messed up. not even funny.

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thats so messed up...ur mom needs to get her priorities straight...its good shes supporting ur sister in her endeavors but ur health is a million times more important than any paint!!!

Exactly what I was thinking.

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If you would do what she did in that situation, you're going to hell.

Hahaha, it's funny that you believe in hell.. *proceeds to paint* :D

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22- If you didn't get the sarcasm in that comment you're going to hell.

35-ur stupid cuz sarcasm can only go so far on the Internet his sarcasm was not clear enough

haha only weenies believe in hell

I was actually being ironic. In order for it to be sarcasm there had to have been an insult intended :o

56- No ur stpd cuz its totly sarcam nd f u cant c dat den ur moron lol

hellogoodbye1996 6

don't call someone a moron if you are going to type like that.

72, docscientist was typing like the person he replied to

72- he was trying to prove a point moron

hellogoodbye1996 6

he's not type like the person that posted the comment. all you guys are imbeciles.

Aw, shucks. It's hard to have fun around here.

hmm. I suppose you should become a weenie.

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eyyy don't hate on each other on this site... thats wat Facebook is for people!!

Hmmm art work or Medication? Which is more important?

apparently art work is to this woman

Don't worry, you're too sweet for these pills.

ha, I see what you did there...

KellyIsTheBest32 12

i belive Screwie was joking about "sweet" because she thinks diabetics can not eat sweets. but they can.

I know they can darling, my mom is diabetic.

KellyIsTheBest32 12

ok then. wanna explain to me why you made that ignorant joke?

"You're too sweet" high sugar hint hint!

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maybe your mom just hates you?

that's mean.? she probably just doesn't like you.?

70- dont you know. ? thats what looks cool now. ?