By Crog - 11/02/2009 11:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I accidentally kicked a child down a set of steps. I work in a kids play area. FML
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"Be good for nap time unless you want to end up like Johnny did." "You said that was an accident Mrs. OP." "Yeah, but 'accidents' happen all the time Stevie. . ."


This made me laugh so hard! thx :)


how do u accidently kick someone down the stairs u jerk!?!?!?!?!?!!!

areforever 0

You only kicked one? Go for two, dude!

parajax82 0

Go for gold!!

This is SPARTAAAAA!!!!!


^ win. score one for Kyle from southpark

I assume by "accidentally" you mean it stepped to ya and needed fixin

greatbelow 0

kick some more down.

prettyinpurple 0

haha. i did that with a golf cart. the child was behind the fence and i pushed the fence open with the golf cart. he flew across the play ground.

LOL! that's hilarious

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bumbling idiots like you are the reason i will never have kids. well, you and pedos, murderers, the fucked up world... etc.. for all you know, you have given someone else's child brain damage. DIE

ROFL How do you 'accidentally' kick a child down a set of steps? Hahaha...

rachelforgot2 0

Ya kicking kids is pretty funny, i chocked one on accident wih a chair! weird how these things happing! ahahahhahhahaa

rachelforgot2 0

wow i fucked up that last comment, ment to say weird how these things HAPPEN! its fucken funny! i also kicked a kid in its back! they always come outta now where i swear!