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Today, I finally stood up to the guy who's been bullying me for the last 2 years. Even though he's been caught in the act several times, he never gets punished, so I figured I'd get away with gut-punching him. Nope. An hour later, I was suspended from school. FML
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MonkeeArtz 11

You may have gotten suspended, but he now know what you can and will do. Don't see this entirely as a problem, as it may have been your solution.

Screw the school as long as your not in trouble at home consider it a win


Mackade 18

That sucks, but at least you got some personal revenge?

vb68_fml 28

And then the guy will get more revenge...not a wise advice to give to a kid. Revenge never pays off

@5 unless your revenge means killing of course :) then he won't be able to do something back :p

but it doesnt pay unless you do the time.

Actually #5 when I was in school I had the same problem as the Op. I finally stood up to the guy who bullied me and ended up beating the crap out of him. He was too afraid to mess with me anymore after that. Sometimes you have to fight back.

Yeah, bullies are cowards at heart. They don't pick on kids who can fight back. Now that he knows OP is willing to physically harm him, he'll be too afraid to mess with him.

MonkeeArtz 11

You may have gotten suspended, but he now know what you can and will do. Don't see this entirely as a problem, as it may have been your solution.

I had a very similar thing happen in my life. I can almost guarantee OP's problem is gone, after I punched my bully he left me alone.

I feel like most schools don't do shit about these problems which causes suicide among teens to happen because they just ignore the problem or make it worse. I once got jumped on my way to school, and because it "wasn't on school grounds" they didn't do anything and i was terrorized by the same assholes for the rest of my sophomore year

It's actually not worth it because the bully now knows he won't get in trouble, but the op will if the op lays a hand on him.

@#68 i accidentally dv you but I agree me and my mates stood up for people that were bullied (etc). mainly because we know what its like and enjoy fighting especially when they give a good one back moreblood is lesscrud

Screw the school as long as your not in trouble at home consider it a win

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so what you're saying is it's okay to bully someone, but when they finally stick up for themselves it's wrong? I think the school is in the wrong for not punishing the bully.

If they don't want to do shit about bullying, no they were not right to punish him for punching another kid. Either do your ******* job and punish the bully the first time or turn the other way when the kid finally stands up for themselves.

#22 maybe you should read your own picture.

#22 even though they never punished the bully when he got caught? schools have a horrible way of dealing with bullying and now that he has stood up to him it's likely to stop

That's what I always say. If your good at home. And you got back at the bully. It's a win-win

chuka81, it's called self defense. he was being harassed and his well being was threatened. when the school wouldn't step in to deal with it, he had to defend himself and was punished for doing so.

vb68_fml 28

Get some help from outside of school, parents, friends...and don't keep that suffering and anger for you. Violence only creates violence as your story proves. Good luck OP I hope you will find some help soon and get better!

Gotta go for a nut punch. Make him feel the pain.

"there's no shame in attacking a criminals beanbag son" -Ron F#$@ing Swanson

Badkarma4u 17

Where im from if you use a low blow in a fair fight even if you win, no one will respect you. You mght fnd people jumping in on his side.

If someone is essentially beating the crap out of you without much effort, it's not a fair fight. A fair fight is two equally matched people, just putting that out there.

Xandrick 22

Well, it really sucks that he got away with it all for 2 years while your one attempt to serve him justice got you canned. Still, that blow to his gut serves him right, and I hope that scrub trash stays the hell away from now on.

might as well get in a few more punches now.

amileah13 26

Figures. You finally stand up for yourself and you're the one that gets punished. Hey, be proud of yourself op. You've finally taken a stand against that asshole and he got what he deserved.

I'd still turn up and when they say something day well you didn't suspend him why should I

Don't lower yourself to his level OP. .you're better than that and if he bullies you again, file a police complaint as it's a criminal offence.