By TiredMum - 16/10/2013 13:33 - United States - Vancouver

Today, my five-year-old daughters realized that if one of them rang the doorbell, it would keep me distracted long enough for the other one to steal cookies from the kitchen. FML
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Smart cookies :)

Genius kids you got there


Smart cookies :)

\ 28

And master thieves :)

Wichita and her sister in zombieland!!!

Ha cookies, I get it

Rohit281 13

#30- Wichita and Little Rock in Zombieland.

countryrose92 23

At least your know your kids are going to be clever and smart. :) even if it sucks now it will be worth the craziness now. :)

Wish I had thought of this as a kid

Genius kids you got there

Before you know it, they'll be stealing money from the parents wallet/purse!

#17 Shut the fuck up

kyu_Q 19

You should try to channel their genius to me constructive activities

#46 A bit harsh there, right?

#58 Nope I don't think so :D

Haha my twin brother and I used to do this too :D I would always draw a picture and call my parents into my room so they would look at it, and while they were looking my brother would run into the kitchen to take candy. They only found out last year, over a decade after we stopped :D

TallMist 32

#17 Because obviously it's always the smart people that end up stealing. Kids today, huh? Good for nothing except for causing trouble. /sarcasm

I would do much worse than just ring the doorbell for cookies. Especially chocolate chip cookies.

What about Oreos?!

I don't even imagine what you would do for a Klondike bar

Now if only they could teach Congress that kind if goal oriented teamwork.

My dogs do stuff like that.

your dogs can ring doorbells?

my dogs poor my bourbon for me

One will bark at the door while the other snatches up my food the second i get up to see who's supposedly at the door.

Chellybelly92 14

Oh wow. Wait until they're older. I love the teamwork that siblings have.

Lock 'em up... the kids, not the cookies ;)

It seems whenever there is an FML involving children there's always that one child abuse joke that isn't funny...

Lock 'em up. . . using the coo-keys! :P

I have kids I thought it was hilarious! made me giggle

@26- i find it funny that a comment saying locking a child up isnt funny to you meanwhile you made them out to be semi- criminals ( like stealing cookies is a gateway to stealing money)

ViviMage 38

You realize my twin brothers are developmentally delayed and almost missed the window to learn language and how to use speech because my stepmother abandoned them in their cribs to deal (or not deal) with twin antics? You can take that too far. And it does happen!

#61 Ya but that was also a joke nobody got. Also child abuse and criminals are two very different topics.

Pavlov says when ever you have guests over your girls are going to start drooling.

Wonder what will happen when a girl scout rings the door bell?

That's pretty good team work :)

JMichael 25

Your kids have the intelligence of an evil genius.