By Anonymous - / Friday 19 February 2010 20:36 / United States
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  majones  |  0

I think we're missin a part of the story. The other employee is the Op's son because it's a family-owned store. You're paying your children to perform incest.

  Reyo  |  2

That's what I was wondering 47...it's not very "family owned" if you allow people outside of the family to work there, which means one of two things...it's not family owned, or lots and lots of wincest.

  TheRipper_fml  |  0

You guys are all idiots. Straight up. Either that, or you're playing along with a very bad joke. Family-owned doesn't mean you can't hire outside people, it means it is "Mom

  majones  |  0

Maybe she failed to mention that it's also family-operated. Sorry for trying to make an incest joke. Pull the tree trunk out of your asses along with the dicks that are also in your asses.

  KoalaMeatPie  |  0

I don't get it, is the problem that she is screwing around at work or that she is screwing around? If it's the latter, what's the problem? They're teens, they screw. It happens. Just make sure she's safe and become aware that you're daughter is growing up.

  FMLowLife  |  0

Steps to stop that: 1. Set up security cameras all around your store. 2. If you are paying him, pay him for actually WORKING. (Use the cameras to find out) 3. Lower his pay check by 10% every time he decides to **** your daughter. 4. Pay a guy to try and rob the store of a minor object ($100) while the person leaves his post and slacks off. Then take the cost of the stolen items cost out of his paycheck. 5. Tell him you will beat the shit out of him if he ever repeats his actions one more time. 6. Fire him.

By  bettadenne1  |  0

so basically u gave ur daughter an escourt? good parenting

  jillz  |  0

She sure is becoming a slut. Install a camera and you'll have leverage on her for quite some time. She'll lead her life exactly as you tell her to if she doesn't want all her peers, school mates etc to know exactly how well she performs at work.

  anaelantigua  |  0

that would sooo suck! But if she really was a slut, then wouldn't she want it up there? So other guys would be like, ohhhhhh yahhhhhh? Lets go? Just wonderingggg! (:

  Thisbe_fml  |  0

This is so illegal in so many ways, most notably because it would be CHILD PORNOGRAPHY if she's underage. But yeah, it's a great idea if you've always wanted a place on the sex offender registry!

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