By JuicyJohn - 09/09/2009 01:33 - United States

Today, I realized that the shorts I have been wearing all day say "Juicy" on the ass. My name is John. FML
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i dont know about you but when i see the word juicy i automatically think that guys name must be john.

Well, not so bad. I mean, you'll get weird looks from that gay guy in your math class, but other than that it should be alright.

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J-j-Juicy. Ah ah ah ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah. JUICY. xD But YDI. I suppose you're talking about Juicy Couture, and all their shorts are usually girly colors like pink and green. And they're shorts. AND they're all womens sizes. So either you're really really skinny and girly, or you're a big fag.

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Hey juicy babay y dont u shake that 4 me over here!! -slaps ass- ;) XD (i would seriously hit on u if i saw that...lmao)

I instantly thought of Juicy Couture... How could he not notice something was wrong with the shorts before he put them on?

so we all know your new nickname for life then?

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Lmao :) , but seriously why the **** would a guy wear shorts with words on the ass, unless u're gay

Haha, i agree #35. #1: Where did the shorts come from? #2: How did he fit into them (Juicy Couture is a girl brand).

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he might not have an ass n a narrow waste allowing him to fit in them o.0 there was a guy in my art class in high school that wore his sisters was sooo funny n they were too tight...pretty sure he would of popped them if he got turned on

I'm gay, and I'd never wear something with words on the ass...

No, no I don't. The popularity of John as a name has fallen way off. It hasn't been #2 since the 1920's. No person named John is not male. Rarely, Johnnie is used for a girl. Since the two "facts" you present are wrong, I have no idea where you are going with this. Please help us.

OP is male.. says so right next to his name... and yeah..Im not sure where you live where John is the 2nd most popular name...

Though its popularity as a baby name has fallen, John is still the second most popular name overall, in the sense that more living Americans are named John than almost anything else. (#1 is James.) In addition, up until the 1990s, John was one of the 1000 most popular names for baby girls. "Since the two "facts" you present are wrong" Heh.


Oh god...I haven't had Ponderosa in like...forever... o_O

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Not an FML if you really do have a juice ass.

wow. How short were they, though. If they said juicy, they were probably a young girl's shorts... and they wear them short... just saying.

sweatpants type of material? I was more thinking curve-caressing silk for OP's sweatpants gahh, number 6 keeps alternating between people

If no one takes the time out to concentrate on your ass, it's fine.

Butt his ass is JUICY! Who could resist the JUICINESS?!

You're right. I mean... Juicy mangos anyone? He's not lucky enough to have any plums though.

The words "juicy" and "ass" should never go together. I don't know what kind of "juice" you guys are referring to, but I want no part of it!

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What I want to know, is how do you extract the juice out of the ass? I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I'm damn sure it's not juice that I'm getting.

OK, no Muddy Sanchez for you. (That's Dirty's sister -- she's kinda loose.)

Uuugh. *Shudders* I agree, what I get out of an ass is NOT juice. Also, plex, I don't know how Dirty (or Muddy, haha) Sanchez is supposed to work. In my experience, it um..comes out as clean to the naked eye as it went in. Do I need to eat more?

All aboard the downvote train! In other news, juicy generally refers to the shape of said ass.

i don't care what your name is. those shorts are stupid either way.

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And you didn't notice this before puttin them on? YDI for being illiterate.