By I hate children - 18/08/2014 12:10 - United Kingdom - Liverpool

Today, two children decided it would be fun to try to ding-dong-ditch me. I never answered the door as I saw them running away. They did it a couple of times before getting bored. That's when they decided it would be fun to come into my house instead. FML
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So 9/11 was a 9/11 to what...?

You naive community of FML. These kids weren't ding dong ditching, they were checking to see if someone was home to burgurlarize it.

incoherentrmblr 21

They're in your home now. Do what you want, it's your move...

While I agree that is a possibility it could also be the case that they were playing a prank. The world may never know

No, the world may never know but we do. It wasn't a prank.

74, it went past the point of "prank" and morphed into home invasion/breaking and entering. I hope you let those kids know that is NOT okay, OP! I hope they were young... even then, any child old enough to figure out how to sneak into a house should be old enough to know better.

at 97... THEY WEREN'T EFFIN SNEAKING! They wanted to see if anyone was home! No prank involved what so ever! Zip Nada Zilch! Ain't no way around it!

At 98: You need to calm your shit dude

RenoTheRhino 30

I live in a small town, and our doors are only locked at night. I don't think OP expected them to barge in, so there was probably no thought to lock the door.

Well that's a little odd? Never heard of Ding Dong Break In..

It's a new sensation that's sweeping the nation

I heard it's the new challenge to raise money and awareness for ASBO sufferers!

If you live in a nice area you shouldn't have to lock your door while you're home

58, your like my friends long lost twin, its really weird

I don't know that Liverpool counts as a "nice area" though.

No matter how big or small a place you live in. You should always lock your doors if you live in a house. The only time I think it's okay to leave a door unlocked is if you live in a condo, have the whole floor to yourself, and a FOB is required for the door and elevator. You never know when that 1 bad person in the small nice community will come on over to your house.

tony1891 22

now thats just downright stupid. end up in prison over that.

I don't think you would get arrested for that. As long as your in your house u can be naked.

Respect101 17

Yeah but what if the kids were like. The man made me touch him in his no no spot. Adults believe kids over adults.

Indecent exposure to minors is a huge no no,whether ur inside ur home or not. its 2014 cant do that...dads a lawyer,trust me.

They shouldn't be knocking on the damn doors anyway. Is just wear a gruesome mask and scare there ass. As far as coming in the house, they're asking for an ass whopping and I'd hold them and demand their parents numbers.

I remember ding dong ditching. We did it until we got held at gun point. One of the scariest moments of my life.

I think having a gun in the UK is more of a crime than breaking and entering! I was thinking along the lines of scaring them shitless with a shotgun myself, until I saw this was in the UK.

When I was little, I went to Texas to visit my cousins (I'm from San Francisco, California) and we went berry-picking on some dude's property... we didn't realize it was private, but we learned pretty quick after he fired a shotgun in the air. Mind you, I was eight, and I'd never heard a gun before. One of the most terrifying things ever.

I bet you never went "ding dong ditching" again did you 4? Learnt your lesson pretty fast. And I bet 22 doesn't berry pick anymore either. lol. I live in Canada and it seems so weird and crazy that someone can just pull out a gun at someone cause they're on their own property! So weird. Does anyone else call "ding ding ditching" Nicky Nicky nine door?

#22...someone from Texas pulled a gun on you and DIDN't shoot you for trespassing? Y'all were some damn lucky kids.

I never went doorbell ditching but we got a lot of it in my old house and boy did we have some fun with them. It started simple, just talking to their parents. Their parents did the whole "kids will be kids" speech. Next we had cameras and threatened to call the police. Didn't work. Then my dad chased them down the street screaming. Still got it. Lastly I sat hidden next to a window with my floor tom when I knew they were out and went at it banging the drum when they got close to the door. We never got doorbell ditched again.

They are kids. I think telling the parents about it is the worst that should be done.

And when kids commit a crime such as murder, should we also just go to the parents?

thats unnecessary and creates extra drama

What happened to not calling the police on some kids ding dong ditching? Its ******* stupid and a waste of the resonding officers time, mind you, it hapened to me a while ago. But calling the police on them while they enter the house is acceptable.

#14 Someday a kid is going to try to murder you, and the cops will be across town arresting another kid for ringing a doorbell. You will have to take drastic action instead of the police just arresting the kid. Good luck in court, that is if you survive.

I'd call the police if they came in my home, not if they just rang the door bell though. Telling their parents may not do any thing, sadly most parents refuse to correct their kids or think they have to be defensive.

#47, I'm talking about calling the cops on them for entering his home without permission.

What happened to flaming bags of poop or hair gel on the door handle? Just barging on in? "Kids these days" just got no respect!

"Escort" them out. That's trespassing, and they have no right to come in. Just guide them out of the front door, and invest in some locks.

Escort? Please, I would've jumped out from behind a door and do my best Shrek growl at them while holding a baseball bat or something equally shit-inducing. That'll teach those turdlings.

That's where you non-chalantly, as if you don't even know they're there, freak them out with something out of a scary movie.

ChristianH39 30

Just grab the biggest kitchen knife you have and slowly turn towards them. That'll send them running

That can be misconstrued as an attack if things get out of hand. I was thinking more along the lines of dark rooms, weird music or creepy noises, scary mask, odd clothing, doing some weird ritual-looking thing over a table.

Respect101 17

Yeah 35, I'm sure OP has time to run down to the local party store to pick up some ritual ingredients. Elf blood, Troll teeth, ghost tears. All sold at your local store(:

Wait you guys don't have your house decked out in Halloween stuff year round?

That happened at Halloween one year. Brats tried to get in the door. I was home alone and wasn't giving out candy. I never had my lights on or anything that suggested I was home.

You deserve it for 1) Not having candy on Halloween and 2) Answering the door when you didn't have candy on Halloween.

amberv61 22

#30, I don't think you read them properly. They made everything seem like no one was home so obviously they didn't answer the door. The kids tried to break in. Plus not everyone has to spend their money to give candy away to kids that are gonna break in to your home