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Today, my wife cancelled on our date we had planned for over a month. It would have been our first one-on-one date since the birth of our first child. Our child is over 13 months old. FML
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I hope she had a good reason, you guys need to get time together very soon

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Hang in there buddy! Your wife will definetly make some time for you soon!


I hope she had a good reason, you guys need to get time together very soon

I'm assuming she was nervous about leaving the child.

Well kids take priority, sure dates are needed too but a child needs a lot of attention. Maybe she doesn't want to leave the child alone until he/she is older.

While it's true kids need a lot of attention, this is actually a poor way to go about being a parent. It has been shown that everyone is better off when there's balance. Parents need time to themselves, just to alleviate stress and have some alone time. If they never make themselves a priority, they get burnt out, and the relationship between each other (husband/wife, bf/gf, etc) becomes strained. They might be parents now, but they're still people, and they have their own relationship to take care of too. People need to take time to themselves, and have time for each other sometimes in order to remain mentally healthy. Also, it's good to leave kids, with a sitter or family, even when they're young, because it socializes them more, it helps them understand that mom and dad are going to have to be away sometimes. Altogether, having balance is better for everyone.

As Jennifer Aniston said in "Just go with it," 'Kids take up 99% of your life, but you should always leave that 1% for you.'

Why is your comment disliked to hell, you arent being a dick or anything lol

Your own wife stood you up....that sucks bro.

I assume the issue is that since your wife gave birth over a year ago, the two of you have not had sex and it's because your wife doesn't want to. In that case, you have a serious relationship issue going on. The two of you may need counseling for this one before it gets any worse. Counseling should be ultimately cheaper than divorce or infidelity.

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Maybe but is op helping his wife? Or is she having to do everything with no help. My husband doesn't help and I'm doing everything for the baby 24/7. So if he wants something or even just time together he needs to help first because any free time I have, I actually just want to have nothing to do or just drink a cup of tea in peace. Might be the same for op wife

There is a difference between a date night and sex, though. Both involve a different type of intimacy. It is a mistake to think that one can replace the other. I've been in OP's shoes, and it can be very frustrating, even if a sexual relationship does exist.

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True but if the woman is on call always for the baby do you think she wants to have to think about anyone else? Men say they can't help because we breastfeed. You can do the house work or even just only let us breastfeed for one day so we can have our time. Bring the baby to us when it needs it and youse do the rest. It's so mentally and physically tiering and we can't stop it no matter how tired we are unless someone helps.

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while you are certainly right that a father needs to step up and help with the baby, cutiepie, OP is not your husband. and not all fathers are like your husband. for all we know, he may be very involved with the baby's care. we really can't assume either way

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Hang in there buddy! Your wife will definetly make some time for you soon!

Why did she cancel OP? Maybe it was overwhelming for her: a date one month in the making and the first in over a year. Perhaps you could start with something simple like a night in: fancy take out/order in, a lighted scented candle, a nice drink. Don't make a big deal out of it. Of course I don't have the full story. In any case, sucks for you OP.

Definetly, perhaps an improvement from definately.

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I agree with you, 14. She could also be nervous. I know on my first date with the hubby post-baby, I was a nervous wreck. My body was different, I was breastfeeding, so I worried about leaking, and being embarassed. I worried he may not love me the same. It's silly, but these are real concerns when you're vulnerable. Especially with PPD. OP, could she be depressed?

Definately, perhaps an improvement from definitely. If you're going to correct someone, at least do it right...

A year is really long time to go with no dates or alone time. A child is no excuse to put off being together. Honestly it looks like the relationship is broken. You really need to talk to her express your concerns and feelings. I wish you best of luck. You'll probably need it.

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Some women can be like that. Making excuses due to the baby.

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your child is 1 not 13 months -_-

Thank you! I scrolled too far to find this.

I think there's a cut off time for when you use months and years due to developmental differences like how a 12 month old is very different from an 18 month old. I've always kind of felt like it's similar to switching from weeks to months with puppies. An 8 week old puppy is very different from a 6 week old or 10 week old puppy, but a 7 month old puppy isn't terribly different from an 8 month old puppy. Don't take my word for it though. I don't have kids. It's just what I've heard from multiple sources, but they could be wrong too.

It sucks that your wife cancelled, it sounds like you both really needed time together. Counseling may be needed but before that I'd advise you to look at your role in the relationship. Do you pull your weight around the house and with the child like you should? Statistically women experience role overload much more than men do. Doing your share as opposed to "helping out" frees her up to have some time for herself and you. She'll be in a better frame of mind to nurture your relationship. A friend of mine says the best foreplay is seeing her husband with the vacuum and dust rag. Most new parents go through this for the first year or two. Good luck OP