Here I go again

By Anonymous - 03/01/2013 05:02 - United States - Austin

Today, after I finally laid down from a long day and was about to fall asleep, I realized I forgot to set my alarm. I don't own an alarm clock and my alarm is on my phone. Which was in my car. I live on 15th floor of an apartment building and our parking garage is across the street. FML
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That's why you bring your phone wherever you go. Lesson learned.

~I agree entirely! My dam clock tells me if my dam has overflowed or if there is not enough water inside it.~


That's why you bring your phone wherever you go. Lesson learned.

oj101 33

Thats right. Even when you're at the gym. Hey, you never know when you might need to take some selfies. Oh wait...

God_Hates_Flags 3

Actually it's nice to just leave your phone unattended for a bit sometimes. I see too many people drone over their phones all day, it's an awful lifestyle these days.

Got a point you should really have a clock or something

Korosuhito 26

Well, at least you realised you forgot your phone, I suppose.

Just when you thought your day was over...

At that point, I would rely on my inner alarm clock and hope my mind doesn't let me down.

JoeGrant 12

...And proceed to not wake up on time next morning.

chlorinegreen 27

Though my inner clock rarely fails me I always set my alarm just in case... Notice how I said rarely. That's why I always set it because on the one day I don't set it, my inner clock will fail me. Guaranteed.

redhedsaysrawr 18

Not necessarily, sometimes if you just really say I yourself the night before "I am going to wake up at *whatever time*" it'll work. However weather or not you can stay awake after waking up at that point is another thing.

My inner alarm clock sucks donkey nuts. My dog, on the other hand? Will be up at the same time every day, even on weekends, so if I don't set an alarm, I end up with a dog standing on my chest licking my face.

applexj 13

Maybe you should put the timer on your oven or microwave to go off when you need to get up?

Life has given you a chance to excercise and theres a vending machine in the lobby.

nothing like a nice moonlit walk to the parking garage...