By Anonymous - 18/12/2010 20:33 - United States

Today, I was stood up on a date. Her excuse? "I had to work out." FML
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koopameat 0

Ugh.. why can't people just be honest with one another..

i guess shes saving the "i have to wash my hair" for next time.


Maybe it's for the best; you dodged a fatty.

FFML_314 11

You apparently didn't detect my sarcasm.

Sorry, my sarcasm detector must not be working. Didn't catch a word of it.

your so ugly ffml I migt die uhhh I see your face again... Ugh...

FFML_314 11

BOO! Did it work?

KingDingALing 9

Sarcasm is your friend, people. :)

Possibly, or she found out OP was a jerk if not they she was never really interested. Hey, at least you ended up paying half of what you would have.

EffinToofer 3

Eh..hows about I'd rather be hot and get with a better guy than YOU. FYL, dude.

better then she had to wash her hair... haha

how is she a fatty if she's at the gym?

just cuz someone works out doesn't mean they are fatt

you shouldve gone with her

Unwarranted comment. Way harsh.

Well would you rather have a really fat girlfriend?

I like your style.

CantusVulpis 12

Lol, until I saw that he was from Wisconsin I thought this was my ex- no joke I said this to my bf when he wanted to go out to a fair.

koopameat 0

Ugh.. why can't people just be honest with one another..

iSitt 0

When she's not that into you, the excuse doesn't matter. Haven't you made up whatever excuse seemed most plausible instead of hurting her feelings ?

bman134 0

no one wants to be the bad guy

That seems pretty damn honest to me. She ditched him to do something she could do anytime. Makes sense

#3 whatever reason is. stood up on a date is not a good thing to do

ugh sorry that was meant for #31

hosamsr 3

I guess she wanted to say that you need to work out too

Let her workout? Maybe she doesn't want to be fat.

As if that is a good enough excuse. I bet this is one of the girls who also complains "All guys are dicks"

lol no, I was being sarcastic.

i guess shes saving the "i have to wash my hair" for next time.

Or maybe her hair is just really clean already.

ballinbri123 0

maybe she's self conscious about her arm flab????

XxAngel77xX 0

She was probably working out for your next date!

This is when you could've been smooth with a comment on how you could give her an unforgettable workout at your place after dinner... but you're not that witty.

Not really witty, haven't seen any witty sexual innuendos in quite some time.

That isn't witty at all. Any dumb frat boy can think up a line like yours.

Did you stop to think that her definition of "working out" could be different than yours?

was thinking the same thing her other date was giving her a real pumping workout