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  ey3seecold  |  0

maybe it was the first thing he saw just to start an argument with you just to break up with u just to marry the other chick who prints her buns on the better xerox machine Noe what I mean ..


agree w/Jay.

the argument might have started at a printer but likely finished at his family, job, wiener size, and how her ex boyfriend would have already fixed the printer and knew how to treat a lady. then he fired her.

  Rawr_Doodle  |  0

can't we ever get anything I want?! you get everything!!! I never complain.. and I cant get some FUCKING INK?!?! SO WHAT IF IT'S EXPENSIVE?? AM I NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE?

  silver86_fml  |  2

if think sits there too long (ie colour) the printheads (depending on the hp printer series/ product 'line') will dry out and print head cleanings don't always correct the issue. Hp print heads can cost around 90$ each so if you don't print often get a laserjet.

  Anaxes  |  5

Why the hell can't we just draw our own pictures? You're being lazy with the aid of this printer, laziness is a sin! A SIN!


  22cute  |  17

Agreed! I say YDI because it takes 2 to argue and that is a lame thing to argue about.

On the other hand good thing you won't be marrying him because he was part of that lame argument. You would have bigger arguments as the years go by.

  Geiko_fml  |  0

"The mob has plans. The cops have plans. Gordon has plans. They're schemers, all trying to control their little parts of the world. ... I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are."

Not everyone is a schemer. Lol.

Sorry to hear that though OP. Really sucks that that happened to ya.