By T.T - 24/08/2010 08:19 - New Zealand

Today, my fiancée broke up with me because of an argument about a printer. FML
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more than likely he is gettin cold feet about marriage and was lookin for any little reason to break up...FYL for dating a bitch

I guess you should've read the FINE-PRINT on your relationship then! (No. I will never stop.)


sexyscooter 0

then u are definantly better off i would say

if youve reached the point where you're arguing about a printer then that is just the tip of the iceberg. he did you both a favour. FYL

maybe it was the first thing he saw just to start an argument with you just to break up with u just to marry the other chick who prints her buns on the better xerox machine Noe what I mean ..

If you guys argued about things like that before now, then you shouldve seen it coming. But sorry, OP. that's no fun.


I doubt you broke up because of a printer. it was probably just the straw that broke the camel's back.

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agree w/Jay. the argument might have started at a printer but likely finished at his family, job, wiener size, and how her ex boyfriend would have already fixed the printer and knew how to treat a lady. then he fired her.

maybe it was a really sweet printer and op put kittens in it instead of paper, fiancé got mad, bam breakup. it happens

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lol kittens can be used instead of paper? damn , and here i am killing trees for no reason

I think that means you lost the argument...

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I say they were just looking for a reason to break up ...

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maybe it wad because she chucked a printer at him

it's prob ab much more than a printer, that was the breaking point

well it's good you won't have to spend your life with them.

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You didn't replace the ink didn't ya?? totally deserves it!!

maybe he broke up with you because you don't know how to spell fiancé? one e when it's a guy, unless you're a dike

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WTF? why were you arguing with your printer?

it would have been funny if it had been an argument with the printer.... not an argument about a printer.

lol 8. but seriously, he sounds childish, your better off without him hun :]

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it's not even just about the printer. there were clearly tons of underlying problems and both of u were clearly using the printer fight as a scapegoat.

more than likely he is gettin cold feet about marriage and was lookin for any little reason to break up...FYL for dating a bitch

I guess you should've read the FINE-PRINT on your relationship then! (No. I will never stop.)

oh! keep them coming then! I'm in the mood to laugh!

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can someone argue with me about printers, I have to see if it's even possible >.<

Umm.. ok.. no, we don't need colour ink, we hardly even print off photos anyway and it's just too expensive?? How was that?

well let's just buy the color ink just in case we do need it sometime, it's not like ink expires and you never know when we have to print in color.

THE PRINTER HAS TO BE BLACK! no, it needs to be rainbow colors!

shut up! we need both ok?! and it needs to be HP ink, not this kirkland shit from Costco!! HP is quality ink, for quality printers!!

twinny_sc 13

HP ink is more expensive. WE ARE ON A ****** BUDGET.

can't we ever get anything I want?! you get everything!!! I never complain.. and I cant get some ******* INK?!?! SO WHAT IF IT'S EXPENSIVE?? AM I NOT WORTH IT ANYMORE?

"I've had it with you and your printer obsession! This is #253, the house can't take it anymore!"

if think sits there too long (ie colour) the printheads (depending on the hp printer series/ product 'line') will dry out and print head cleanings don't always correct the issue. Hp print heads can cost around 90$ each so if you don't print often get a laserjet.

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Why the hell can't we just draw our own pictures? You're being lazy with the aid of this printer, laziness is a sin! A SIN! DIE IN HELL SINNER!

Wow, so, it is indeed very possible to argue about a printer :) Good to know.

if your arguing about printers now, imagine what you would be arguing about when you get married... so be happy

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Agreed! I say YDI because it takes 2 to argue and that is a lame thing to argue about. On the other hand good thing you won't be marrying him because he was part of that lame argument. You would have bigger arguments as the years go by.

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he wanted to break up with u sooner just needed a reason. men do that, they find the right time to proceed with they're schemes.

"With they're..". Oh boy, that is just wrong in so many ways... But yes, we do wait for the right moment, timing is everything.

"The mob has plans. The cops have plans. Gordon has plans. They're schemers, all trying to control their little parts of the world. ... I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are." Not everyone is a schemer. Lol. Sorry to hear that though OP. Really sucks that that happened to ya.