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Today, my fiancée broke off our engagement. For some bizarre reason, she'd hidden a pair of expensive boots and her iPad underneath our ride-on mower. I turned the mower on and destroyed both without realizing it. According to her, the fault is all mine. FML
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  kryxen  |  14

Well I'm going to say a shopaholic who's trying to hide things from their spouse. ... Fiancé. And I would say its good they are gone. You will actually have money now.

  vencku  |  13

#40 - That's what I thought too at first. But as he isn't surprised about the Ipad, I assume he must have known about that at least, so why would she hide it?

  VeganVampyre  |  26

29- the first thing I thought of was that news story about how UPS (or whoever it was) was leaving people's brand new iPhones under their cars, in their bbq's, etc when they delivered them, rather than leaving a notice on the door to pick them up at the post office. Maybe she heard about that too, and thought it sounded like a good idea to keep stuff safe?

  Marley_000  |  14

People with borderline schizophrenia do that. Honestly OP, if events like this continue you should look into having her evaluated. It's probably not, the other commenters are likely right that she was just dumb. but better safe than sorry. That just sounds familiar.

I know from experience. When my mom started refrigerating jars full of coffee and hiding her jewelry behind couches I chalked it up to quirkiness. Then she shaved her head and broke into someone's house to wear their makeup. So. Yeah. Keep an eye on that.

  Subcontinent  |  14

Even if it was his fault seems kind of weird to break up with someone who you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with and loved enough to want that over some boots and an iPad.

  samimcCune  |  15

#114, DyslexicPanda, agreed, you make a good point. especially, if you've got a garage, why would you start it before taking it out. and if you don't have any outside storage to keep it in, I highly doubt you leave it outside for anyone to come by and, "ooh, i found a new lawn mower!!" which means you bring it inside, a back hallway or a basement and i even more highly doubt that you will start it inside. that's a good way of thinking of it. which in my head sounds like he's either leaving something out, or she set him up because she needed an excuse or reason to tell him to get rid of him, unfortunately.

  radiocaf  |  29

#126 - or maybe he left the blades on by mistake from the last mowing he did, or the blade switch was knocked into the on position between cuts and when he fired up the mower the blades came on automatically. Either way, hiding something under the mower and not telling your fiancé is stupid and possibly deceitful, especially if he didn't know they existed. This is the woman's fault, and breaking off an engagement for her mistake over an iPad and a pair of shoes? Well that's just materialistic and OP would be much better without her.

By  Eliseopwns  |  22

It's all good. Once you mow the lawn, you should find some money, bombs, and maybe even a few arrows. Sell that stuff and buy her a new iPad so she could calm down a bit.

By  reapy  |  14

looks like she was trying to invent a reason to end the relationship. So many people can't seem to understand that not being happy with someone is reason enough to end a relationship, they really don't have to create problems first.

  KLeePrice  |  11

67- you may want to proofread your comments before posting them or take out the fact that you're an engineer and that you are usually right when correcting someone from your description.

By  GoodLookingGeese  |  10

Interesting reason for a break up, sounds like she is just angry at you for her loss. Buy her iPad back and forget about the problem. Don't try to figure logic of women - never, ever!

  spaboolly  |  26

There is absolutely no logic here. This chick is just crazy. She intentionally set this up to make OP look guilty of destroying her property to give herself a reason to be angry. I don't think forgetting about the problem is going to make her suddenly sane.

By  MiloBear  |  11

I could maybe understand the boots being left under there, if she kicked them off and they just got moved around (happens to my shoes all the time). But an iPad? If I had one I wouldn't go around leaving it in weird places, I would take special care so that it doesn't get broken.

Be glad she broke it off before you guys have kids and she decides to hide the baby under the mower.

  andiw  |  6

Lol your shoes end up under the riding mower all the time? How? I've kicked off my shoes millions of times lmfao they've never ended up in the garage under the lawn mower....... I'm dying with confusing laughter!

By  \  |  28

I think that was prepared to provide an excuse.

  Bakarra  |  22

She would rather lose possibly up to a grand in her own stuff instead of telling him it's not going to work out? She might as well have broken it off by phone shes such a coward...