By jace17 - 24/08/2010 08:34 - United States

Today, my parents threw out the beautiful birthday cake my aunt made me, and served celery sticks at my party because I need to "watch my weight." FML
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YakuzaxGeneralz 9

what gives your parents the right to throw away food in this economy

godlybacon 5

What the... No way, buy another cake or something. You cannot have a birthday without CAKE


YakuzaxGeneralz 9

what gives your parents the right to throw away food in this economy

sexyscooter 0

thats shitty, i woulda raised hell

Ydi for being a fat ass bitch. Jus lay off the fried mayonnaise balls

and the only people at your party is your aunt and the 2 year old cousin our aunt is babysitting. and does it happen to be your sweet 16?

fact: you burn more calories eating a celery, than what it gives you.

the least they could have done was replace the candles for celery sticks and burn ur fat with the candles. hehe jk sike no im not

awww =( that's sucks OP. I wouldve given you cake..

dmin67 0


Your parents are a bunch of assholes.

FYL for having parents that would do that :(

IphonFML 6

well not unless OP is fat

the_flirtt 0

there just watching ur health

pink_mx_braap 0

Go buy another cake and eat a slice as you're walking in the door, but make sure it's your last bite oh you should buy a pig snout and tail as well...and if they ask what are you doing just start oniking

bubbarific 0

lol fatty pants

fact: that fact's a myth :)

atticuz 2

Is anyone else tired of the weight-watching FMLs?

Stare at your stomach

Fact: #11 knows nothing about foods effect on the human body.

maybe ops doing fat camp and cake would ruin the fat camp progress

babyk41896 0

YDI for not letting the hobo in the park by ur house throw u the party!

I'm not sure what you mean by that, but 11 was actually absolutely right. Your body burns more calories chewing and digesting celery than the amount of calories the celery has. Look it up. Anway, I'm really sorry, OP. That sucks so bad. One slice of cake can't do that much harm, and it's your birthday.

#89 Yup, 11 was right. Pineapple is supposedly the same way, I think because it's so acidic.

I hope your aunt kicked your mom's ass. Even if op is overweight - it is his birthday, One day isn't going to make a difference. FYL op- your parents are insensitive.

Haha probably I saw that one too

LOOOL 51 wins :)

Jafozza 0

Don't get mad and eat your parents OP :D

aliaysleighbasic 0

that's awesome

mollysarah 0

you sir, are an idiot.

labacanitaz 0

ouch , i thought a membership to jenny craig would be more...appropriate. :p

mollysarah 0


the_flirtt 0

I was being sarcastic !

OP you deserve it. If you weren't a fat piece of shit, you coulda had cake.

You're an asshole. I'd suggest you to hide away until you grow some freaking respect.

Ydi for calling a birthday cake beautiful

Brittney_E 0

lol 51(: Why would your parents punish the rest of the kids!! D: MONSTERS!!

#128 Cakes can be works of art. Baked goods are my art form!

126, I swear I saw you on the news the other night being arrested for being a public eyesore.

shibainu519 0

nice pic

I see upvotes, so I'd better point out that "negative calories" are an urban legend. Neither celery nor any other food contains fewer usable calories than are used to eat and digest it. Look up "negative-calorie food" on Wikipedia for an exploration.

daamn, they coulda cut the slack on ya birthday :-/

IphonFML 6

what happened to the, "it could have been alot worse" comments??

ucofresh 4

I was wondering the same thing.. haven't seen the "could have been a lot worse" in a while now. No complaints from this corner.

It couldve been alot worse... E Coli

not if she is fat. Procastination is never the solution to loose weight. If you're fat, why should you be allowed to be unhealthy just because it's you're birthday? Doesn't make any sense to me.

justbemellow 0

I bet your aunt was PISSED.

_PAK_G96Unit_ 0

lol maybe she was thinking the Same thing

Yes, because she made that cake because she wanted her to watch her weight, are you retarded?

godlybacon 5

What the... No way, buy another cake or something. You cannot have a birthday without CAKE

guckylynn 19

My seven year old cousin is a health freak and wouldn't have cake for his birthday so he had fruits and veggies.

ApacheC424 18

epic fail.

Exactly on your bday your supposed to go all out...not diet

Acheron91 13

Commendable to see in a kid that age. Also in response to an earlier comment, you can have a birthday without cake. I usually opt for pizza considering I have a low sugar tolerance.

Pizzas do work as kinda like birthday cakes just get a cheese one with some spinach or with olives and make it healthy (I should know I'm a vegetarian)

your parents love you ..... fatty

ahaha go buy a diet cake?

Or go lose some weight??

sk8rchick97 0

or be like gabriel Iglesias. drink diet soda so u can have regular cakeXD

You asshole it was her bday

who the f**k do your parents think they are doing such a thing the weight watchers police?

PeaceOutx24 0

aw that's so mean! it's your birthday for gods sake !

loveXbug88 0

that sucks OP

FFML_314 11

They punished everyone at your party, because you're fat? That's not cool. You could go dumpster diving!

Just loose weight! Maybe your family is just trying to help you but they shouldn't have punished the whole family.

*lunatics. I've confused myself now. Short of being wrong there really was no reason for my input.

I agree. Good work. High-5!

*intercept high five* muhaha! Oo-rah!!