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  pink_mx_braap  |  0

Go buy another cake and eat a slice as you're walking in the door, but make sure it's your last bite oh you should buy a pig snout and tail as well...and if they ask what are you doing just start oniking

  Azure_Ebony  |  0

I'm not sure what you mean by that, but 11 was actually absolutely right. Your body burns more calories chewing and digesting celery than the amount of calories the celery has. Look it up.

Anway, I'm really sorry, OP. That sucks so bad. One slice of cake can't do that much harm, and it's your birthday.

  ColetteL  |  4

I hope your aunt kicked your mom's ass. Even if op is overweight - it is his birthday, One day isn't going to make a difference. FYL op- your parents are insensitive.


I see upvotes, so I'd better point out that "negative calories" are an urban legend. Neither celery nor any other food contains fewer usable calories than are used to eat and digest it.

Look up "negative-calorie food" on Wikipedia for an exploration.

  yesmanddd  |  4

not if she is fat. Procastination is never the solution to loose weight. If you're fat, why should you be allowed to be unhealthy just because it's you're birthday? Doesn't make any sense to me.

  Acheron91  |  13

Commendable to see in a kid that age. Also in response to an earlier comment, you can have a birthday without cake. I usually opt for pizza considering I have a low sugar tolerance.