By Madster15 - Australia - Melbourne
Today, I was home alone and heard the kitchen tap turn on. Shocked, I turned it off. It continuously kept turning itself on so I set my video phone on it to find out the cause. My cat has learnt to turn it on. I later found said cat teaching another. I have three cats. All my taps are like this. FML
Madster15 tells us more :
OP here, I actually found it rather cute more than annoying, when I'm out though the cats will be too. vasoline and Vicks on the tap? no thanks, that would make ME avoid the taps too. changing the faucets all over my house could be more expensive than anything. the cat puns....please don't. number 23 should also be shunned, cat hater. lastly, I should point out I have three cats because one was stray, if I give him to a shelter she will be killed because she is rather unfriendly at times.
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  CrassKal  |  27

OP can try putting Vaseline on the handles or something. If the cats don't like getting greasy stuff on their paws, they may leave the sink alone.

  Cocainee  |  6

My cat won't drink out of his bowl. He will run in the shower with me, and then drink the water after the taps are turned off.
I've even caught him drinking the water out of the toilet.

  polluxdc  |  10

My cats come ruining when they hear the toilet flush. They seem to be fascinated by the moving water. They peer over the edge and their little heads wobble as the water runs in a spiral. At least they haven't figured out how to flush the toilet. I can imagine 2:00 am...fluuuush.

  wonderfulrosie  |  13

Or better yet, they are conspiring to flood OP's house while she sleeps, thus making her death look like an accident. :o
But I mean, your plan is good too.
Point is, cats are evil geniuses.

By  riddenhopes  |  13

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  scooterdude720  |  19

If I hear any more bad puns, I'm going to go insane. My friend made a club at school called the "Pun-Slingers" dedicated to wordplay and puns and he constantly makes bad (and good) ones. I can't escape them even here!


Only problem being that if you're not home when this happens, the tap is just gonna run and possibly overshoot the sink and ruin your floor. I'm sure the cat won't be returning to shut off the water.