By Sadbxtch - 9/9/2021 17:01

Bye bye asshat

Today, my now-ex-fiance told me he’s leaving me for his pregnant coworker. The baby is his. The same coworker he assured me was just a "professional platonic friendship." Our wedding was set to be this Saturday. FML
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  RichardPencil  |  30

Dodging a bullet means coming out of a situation unscathed.

I think getting to a few days before the wedding is pretty scathed! To keep up the firearms analogy, the OP has a recoverable gunshot wound, instead of a fatal one.

By  Ellimac21  |  14

I'm sorry this is happening to you; you have dodge a massive bullet here though. I hope you can get a refund for your wedding. If you can't you should still go and enjoy the venue and food with those who are dear to you. Even with his family if you like them. Still a nice way to see everyone.
Talk trash about your ex. A lot. So everyone knows what a scumbag he is.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

On the bright side, maybe you could be his side piece.

You don't really want to be tied to someone who is too dumb to know what "platonic" means. It'll also be a nice way to get back at the woman who stole him from you -- plus she'll have to wash his dirty drawers while you occasionally bang him.

  Plop  |  14

Actually, the one she should be getting back at is her now-ex. Best way is to do sexy lesbian stuff with the ex's side piece / baby mama.