By gettinghotinhere - 17/10/2014 18:29 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I climbed onto my boyfriend's lap and sexily told him "It's getting hot in here," and started unbuttoning my shirt. He said "Oh," pushed me off him, and went to turn the ceiling fan on. FML
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Guess the fan was the only thing blowing.

diving_fml 30

guess he wasn't properly warmed up :)


diving_fml 30

guess he wasn't properly warmed up :)

Not the puns again, 2. Don't fan the flames, please.

That's fannytastic!

A swing and a miss, #33.

Nope just a strike out from the three of you.

JMichael 25

Haha he thought it needed to cool down.

Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes... I am into it so im going to turn the fan on.

Guess he was feeling chilly.

Hahaha, maybe he didn't hear your seductive tones?

I agree. Maybe he was a bit nervous and that's why he misunderstood. But I personally think it's cute that he was worried that you were uncomfortable and immediately got up to fix that. He sounds like a sweet guy that really cares about how you feel, even if it's just your temperature.

I don't think he misunderstood...I think he was being a dick.

A little foreplay goes a long way.

Guess the fan was the only thing blowing.

I think you need a smarter boyfriend

iAmPaul 49

Jesus Christ, every time there's an FML about a boyfriend doing something even slightly odd, there's always someone saying OP should dump him. Idiots...

JMichael 25

She's 15. What do you expect?

She just doesn't know how to handle relationship issues. She thinks it's better to dump them than attempt to solve the issue.

And I immediately thought of that stupid song…

Im sorry, but which one?

I did the same.

Hot in here- Nelly

Darude - sandstorm

@29 Oh haven't you heard? Well a bird bird bird, b-bird's the word...

Doubt on his men's feeling

we'll need the english version of that.

Awh he missed the point. Maybe try being more direct ?

Op trying to be more direct: You. Me. Sex. Now.

"Hey I'm horny, take your pants off" Works every time

lol me want snu-snu!

trellz17 19

Maybe he wasn't in the mood?

My thoughts exactly