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Today, I was at the mall with my mom, when I saw a little pamphlet about a charity for abused children. I showed her and said I was going to donate a few dollars. She quickly said no, calling it a waste of money and muttering that the kids probably deserved it anyway. FML
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Do it anyways. Two reasons: 1. You will be donating for good :) 2. You can be a ******* rebel ;)

If you were going to donate it, she can't say no. It's your money you do with it what you wish, and if you think it's something you should donate some money to then do so.


Guilty conscience?

Do it anyways. Two reasons: 1. You will be donating for good :) 2. You can be a ******* rebel ;)

Donating has never been so appealing untl now.

If you were going to donate it, she can't say no. It's your money you do with it what you wish, and if you think it's something you should donate some money to then do so.

Unless it was her moms money. If she was at the mall with her mom there is a good chance she had given her daughter money to buy something and she had change left over

Maybe she abused you and you don't remember? It's actually pretty common. It'd be a hard thing to look into.

I would research the charity before donating. For example, the march of dimes charity only donates a dime for every dollar received. They keep the rest.

Wow, seriously? It sickens me that these "charities" get a profit out of other people's misfortune and not even helping them in the slightest.

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And locks for love only uses a portion of the hair for wigs for people with cancer, and they make them pay for the wigs. The rest is sold to companies that make extensions and stuff of that sort. Really disgusting, honestly.

Yeah, some charities are amazingly efficient with their donations (I personally donate to Red Cross because more than 90% of their donations are used for charitable purposes), while some operate at <10%. Also, never give money over the phone because there are companies that collect money "on behalf" of a charity or organization that deserves it and pockets most of the money (the charities don't have to pay to get free solicitation, so they always accept the offer). Better to donate directly than when prompted.

Oh my gosh I donate to the March of Dimes and over a foot and a half of hair to Locks of love. I'm always buying those Shamrocks or whatever shape cards at checkouts and now I'm wondering how many of them should be on the list that you guys have started here. I understand the ones that keep a portion for overhead and advertising, but I can't imagine that being more than say 10%? Thank you for the info, maybe that info is exactly why the mother said no? I'm hoping so anyway. Thanks again, and good luck OP.

According to Truth Or fiction, this isn't true: 'In 2012, March of Dimes reported about $205 million in revenue. Administrative expenses totaled about $23 million, and the organization spent about $196 million on fundraising and programming (it ran a $12 million deficit in 2012). March of Dimes dedicates much more than 10 percent of its revenue to the needy. Charity Navigator rated March of Dimes’ overall performance at 74.93 out of 100. '

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That's still a "C" rating. which is why I only donate blood or platelets. They can only do so much with that. Yes, they sell it to hospitals, but overall it goes directly to someone who needs it.

It was crappy of your mother to say that. Children need to be brought up in a safe enviroment. However, every child has bought there parent to a point where it takes every bit of willpower not to hurt them. Don't underestimate how much you've pissed your mum off in the past.

There is a serious difference between your children pissing you off and actual child abuse.

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So I'm thinking you might not should have kids.

Being spanked =/= being abused. And besides, not all abuse is necessarily physical. There's neglect, there's withholding of resources (food, clothes, sleep), and unfortunately there's a decent amount of sexual abuse (one woman was caught on camera punishing her son by hitting him and penetrating him with a wooden pole. It was ******* disturbing to even hear about). I don't care how angry you get, a normal, rational person does not actually abuse their children when angry.

Saying that children should be brought up in a safe environment, only to turn around and attempt to justify child abuse with your lack of patience makes me feel like your "safe-environment" could quickly turn harmful. I hope you're not a mother.

Mathalamus 24

In my case, spanking is considered abuse. I had it done to me, and it didn't teach me anything productive.

Seriously. As a child, I would do something my dad deemed to be wrong, get angry at me for it, and spank me. He would never explain what I did wrong, and if I tried to explain my actions he would only get even more angry at me, telling me that I was back-talking him. This only cause him to scare the ever-loving-shit out of me, but my actions didn't change because I could never figure out what I was doing wrong. If he just explained to me the issue, and didn't resort to spanking and yelling at me, I probably could have changed my behavior much sooner. I just can't comprehend how spanking does anything except for terrify a child, and make them never want to trust or get close to their parent.

I'm sorry if I come off sounding like a bitch, but there is not a fine line between punishment and abuse. It is a huge ******* Chasm and if you cross it you've done it deliberately. No one who is any kind of a good parent ever wants to hurt their child, at least not the true definition of hurt. Again I'm sorry if I come off sounding unnecessarily harsh, I am stepping off my soapbox now, have a good day all.

#47 I agree. And much of my childhood was like yours, only my parents added the whole, if you keep whining I'm going to give you something to whine about, this coming aprox 3 minutes after the spanking. All it does is teach your children that violence is the answer. I'm not going to sit here and be a hypocrite and pretend that I'm perfect but my fifteen-year-old and 17 year old twins can count on two hands the total spankings they got in their life if you want to call when I gave them actual spankings. It needed to be something extremely bad for me to spank them and then it was more the idea that I put my hands on them rather than any pain that made them cry. Some parents say they don't have to answer to their children that's why they don't explain why they're getting spanked. You're not answering to your child you're providing the reason they're being punished, I mean how else will they know what they've done wrong? That kind of backwards thinking never made sense to me, it still doesn't.

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that's why you raise your children. if they drive you to a point where you really want to hurt them, that's on you for not raising them properly.

How can anyone say that? Good lord this makes me want to go find a nice quiet place away from people.

i feel like i deserve it for laughing at this..

#41 but is that not what this app is for?

Mathalamus 24

holy shit. that was mean of her. donate anyway. and those little ones dont deserve any kind of abuse...