By Nikse - United States
Today, I was at the store with my mother in the facial care section. I found this device that scrubs your face with those anti-bacterial pads. The aisle was crowded and noisy, so I shouted to my mother, "Can I have this vibrator thing?" It went silent. FML
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  Nikse  |  0

I'm the OP.
I didn't say the name cause my mom doesn't know what a 'wave' is.
I didnt get it. I got a scrub with beads in it. :p
Also, I AM laughing over it. :D

By  Wolfen35  |  0

Wow, I hate it when people think negative like that. Like one day at school, we were talking about what we had for breakfast out of boredom. I said sausages and everyone was like, :ZoMgLAWLZ HE'S GAAAAAYYYY!" What's your retarded moment with people thinking negatively?