By Nikse - 29/07/2009 07:23 - United States

Today, I was at the store with my mother in the facial care section. I found this device that scrubs your face with those anti-bacterial pads. The aisle was crowded and noisy, so I shouted to my mother, "Can I have this vibrator thing?" It went silent. FML
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Hunny, you don't need that, Just use your hand!

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I actually use that and an Oil of Olay version for my vibrator...much cheaper and better

this type of crap happens to me all the freacking dont feel too bad...

if you were in the facial care isle then the people should have known what you were talking about... no big deal :)

I'm the OP. I didn't say the name cause my mom doesn't know what a 'wave' is. I didnt get it. I got a scrub with beads in it. :p Also, I AM laughing over it. :D

hahhahhahahaha you'll realize how funny of a story taht is later when it's far enough behind to laugh at.

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Wow, I hate it when people think negative like that. Like one day at school, we were talking about what we had for breakfast out of boredom. I said sausages and everyone was like, :ZoMgLAWLZ HE'S GAAAAAYYYY!" What's your retarded moment with people thinking negatively?

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I said I accidentally came inside a pop bottle when I had to go pee, they were liek "Lolwut".

i was explaining something to my friend and he said i needed more depth and detail and i shouted 'YOU WANT DEPTH? I'LL GIVE YOU DEPTH!'

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you weren't aware of how that would sound before you said it? but still, i say FYL.

I think she didn't think before she spoke.

Poor choice of words, but I think people were more surprised that vibrators were available at a normal convenience store.

I would've said, "Depends! Does it have those little bullet things on the top?".