By James - 18/12/2012 02:28 - United States

Today, my neighbor installed a large radio that loudly plays Christmas music 24/7. When I called in a complaint to the police department they told me to, "get in the Christmas spirit." FML
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Revenge. Loudly play gangnum style. That might eventually stop them

zingline89 18

Simple Solution: Blast Gangnam Style back at your neighbors 24/7. They'll lose their Christmas spirit in a hurry. Edit: Damn you 4 and your wizardry


Well Jesus, man. Get with the program for all that's holy.

Shadow_Phantom 26

I think OP would be upset no matter what type of music it was.

Girreth 7

If it was the imperial march then it would allllll be ok, right?

wonder what would happen if they blasted hanneka music 24/7...

sugarshane007 20

Yes 19!!! No one should suffer through that!

Ok doesn't matter if Op is into it or not! The police are legally required to take action as it violates Op's rights not to have Music blasted like this..

chell1894 13

Yeah I mean what if OPs Jewish? Or maybe op celebrates Kwanzaa

There is no Christmas spirit whilst trying to fall asleep.

I'm tired of all these people trying take away our rights. You can't have large or extra large soda pop. You can't have guns cause guns kill people not the people haring them barbq is bad for you cause the char causes cancer. You can't smoke outside in wide open airy places cause others will get cancer never mind the pollutants in the air already or in the water that contains drugs and other junk

Girreth 7

Yeah 84, way to show 'em! How dare they care about our health and safety? **** that shit! Down with health standards!

omfg agreed but OP mught just not like the fact that his neighbour is playing loud music..

savage93 11

Yea get in the spirit fuking Grinch. Sorry for cussing!

Revenge. Loudly play gangnum style. That might eventually stop them

Then they would accept that as a challenge and shit would go down

there would always be that one neighbor who would be outolside dansing his 40 year old, white ass off to it ass well...poorly I might add...

33- I didn't understand your comment at all..

RvidxrKlvn 8

I did. It's not rocket science despite him having the spelling abilities of an autistic rhino.

37-small keyboard and my large thumbs make it difficult to type with precision. I try my best and fix all the mistakes I see. everyone misses some, I see no reason as to why you had to bring in a mental handicap to try and insult me with it. that is just ignorant.

#4, that's tempting, but imagine how much worse it would become for all of the OTHER neighbors -- at any rate, I assume OP and the radio source aren't the only ones in earshot of all this. (Of course, now I'm imagining a whole neighborhood all blasting music at the top of their speakers' voices, and every person in the area wearing earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones until December 26.)

Only until december 26th?! What world do you live in?! Here is the playlist: Justin Beiber, Knickleback, Some deathmetal seeing as most people are not fans of it..

zingline89 18

Simple Solution: Blast Gangnam Style back at your neighbors 24/7. They'll lose their Christmas spirit in a hurry. Edit: Damn you 4 and your wizardry

Nothing like a good ol' fashion music war.. Just buy concert speakers, earplugs, and some knickleback songs. There can only one winner..

Knickelback? Is that the jewish nickelback

I suggest music that is bass heavy and sub-woofers so that you won't have to win the war of volume.

chrisbeaudoin 26

42, nickelback* i would actually love for my neighbours to blast nickelback all day long i'd be 110% fine with it

Same I only listen to nickelback and am currently listening to it right now ?

Did you try asking your neighbour to turn the volume down or turn it off at night before going to the police?

Since when does the grinch call the cops

#7 -- When the Grinch has to hear the same songs over and over, all day and all night, and it's keeping him awake, and he's asked the neighbors to turn it down/off (well, maybe) and the neighbors didn't? That this is Christmas music doesn't really change the nature of the problem, except to imply there are a smaller number of songs that are therefore repeating more often.

ApollosMyth 22

44, I doubt they would keep the music on all night, because wouldn't that interupt their own sleep?

Could also be possible that the OP is not religious and the neighbor is playing only religious music.

#49, "loudly plays Christmas music 24/7" says it's happening 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, which would indeed entail overnight. Maybe the neighbor is somewhat deaf, or wears earplugs overnight, or forgot to turn it off before leaving on Christmas vacation and isn't even home to hear it.

Dress up like Santa and take all their Christmas decorations. It's foolproof! But you might want to nix using your dog as a reindeer. Animal cruelty and stuff.

Start blasting back either "Nightmare before Christmas" or "hanukkah music". Seriously, Dreidle song would get on anyone's nerves. They protest tell them to "Get in the holiday spirit!" and threaten that you feel discriminated against.