By Anonymous - 04/07/2019 00:06

Today, my fiancé accidentally ran over the priest who is supposed to be marrying us in 3 days. Now, not only do we need a new priest, we need a new church to get married in, with only 3 days to find them. FML
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I think the real FML belongs to the priest

Perhaps subconsciously, your fiance doesn't really WANT to get married.... ;-)


Perhaps subconsciously, your fiance doesn't really WANT to get married.... ;-)

ThatOneLonelyAsian 31

ig it was an accident the preist should still marry you

He's probably not able to. But I don't quite get why they need a new church. They should know what an accident is. Or God wanted the priest removed. Who knows?

I think the real FML belongs to the priest

I don’t think many priests are into polygamy. I don’t know of one who will marry you and your fiancée, let alone agree to join your marital three-way on such short notice. Good luck!

manb91gb 15

That's not a very forgiving priest if you ask me...

Signs a wedding should never go ahead:- One/both of the couple is secretly cheating. The mothers-in-law try to turn it into some sort of competition. One/both fathers-in-law say "It's not to late to call it off". The bridezilla goes Super Saiyan when the napkins are folded into flowers instead of swans. The groom's bachelor party takes place the night before, and no one remembers if he hooked up with the stripper, while covertly high-fiving one another. One/both of the couple invites an ex, who will suddenly remember their feelings for their former partner, even if they were assholes. There are too many differences between the bride and groom. And finally, running over your ******* priest.

Shouldn't they turn the other cheek? I mean, forgive your fiancé and provide a replacement priest while being allowed to use the same church

Depending on how much harm the priest sustained, the church may not be usable until cleaning is done. As for forgiving the driver, if the priest was only bumped, they can get over themselves. If their leg was laying three feet away and the driver backed up to check why the priest was screaming, then I can understand being more than a little miffed.

WeirdUS 29

This can't be real it sounds like a bad joke. Seriously do you guys have nothing better to do?