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By  Tripartita  |  44

After telling you the tragic news, your father went into his bedroom, locked the door, and took a mini fridge out from under the bed. He reached through the intricate array of expensive cheeses to remove his most recent acquisition, holding it to his face and smiling.

You aren't the only cheese luver in your family, boy.


I always find so weird how people on this website judge others for using their own money. As far as we know, OP bought that cheese, it may sound to you ridiculous to spend that much money on cheese but he is perfectly entitled to do whatever he wants with this cash.
I have girlfriends who spend hundreds on beauty treatments. One actually recently spend 60 eur (70 dollars) on fake eyelashes that will last a few weeks.
I'd rather spend my money on something else, like a trip or nice food but to each their own.

  Spectemur  |  8

best comment I've ever seen on this app


You don't even know how old the OP is, they could be a minor. Your logic is also ridiculous, $100 is a lot for cheese, but overall, not really that much money. Just because they can afford to spend $100, you think they can afford, rent/mortgage, food, transportation, utilities, etc. The cost of living on your own exceeds $100 greatly.

  aruden  |  25

I'm well aware how much the cost of living is being that I'm married with two cars and the sole provider financially. My point being that yes in the big picture $100 is not a lot compared to the cost of living. Though for
many families $100 is about half of a months grocery budget.

So yes I'm assuming this person makes money if they spent that on a portion of cheese. Does it suck it got thrown out by their dad, yes of course. How to prevent this from happening again move out to your own place.

More then likely if OP lived on their own the FML would have stated my dad came over to my place and went through my fridge and threw out an expensive piece of cheese of mine because he didn't know better.

  9a_z1  |  11

Maybe it's part of their job. Maybe they're a cheese reviewer.
Maybe their dad was visiting
I mean I am curious too about how you get to the point where you spend $100 on cheese but there's no reason to jump to conclusions.

  ners79  |  9

Everyone is allowed to splurge. I'm sure you've made extravagant purchases and then gotten judged by others. So unless it was your own money op spent, chill out and back off.

By  Shadowvoid  |  33

Looks like he Bleu it. If it's your house, maybe you can throw him out. If not, maybe you could find a container that would contain the smell of the cheese.
P.S. Fight for that money back

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

It's blue cheese, it's supposed to smell funny. That's a lot of money that he just threw away because he doesn't have common sense. He needs to either pay you back the $100, or buy you a new wedge of cheese.
My parents and I had this sort of rule when we lived together which worked pretty well so stuff like this didn't happen, "If it isn't yours, you don't touch it, or at the very least, you ask first."

  SneezyBear  |  27

Lol, at least blue cheese is one of the more unusual types of cheese. My dad once threw away parmesan cheese - PARMESAN cheese!! because it smelled 'off'. Come on man, you're over 50, how can you not know what parmesan cheese is supposed to smell like?