By nekal / Wednesday 21 September 2016 16:50 / United States - Nashville
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Why has 5 been downvoted? This seems like the obvious answer to me. She went to his house late at night while his parents were asleep and then snuck out a bit later on.

  Lalala579121  |  27

Pretty sure 1 is making a joke that sneaking around and hiding things generally starts fights in relationships.

It's pretty obvious that OP was trying to sneak away from the parents, since it says it right in the FML...

By  Ash_U78  |  11

Just change the flat and leave. Every woman should be able to change a tire by herself. It's not hard to do, and it's a part of being self sufficient. My dad wouldn't let me get my license until I could change out my tire, change my own oil, and replace my own battery.

  Ash_U78  |  11

Yes, absolutely everyone should! I only said woman because A) I am one and B) where I live I am surrounded by women who like to play the helpless card who have to have the "big strong man" do things for them. I generally just hate that as an excuse for a lack of self-sufficiency.

  BohGlam  |  8

Why the hell should I be able to change my oil? The time for an oil change doesn't appear out of nowhere and normally it's done at a car repair shop, at least where I live.

  Ash_U78  |  11

Your right, it's not a necessity, but it does cost a lot less. Where I live an oil change will run you about $35-$45 dollars. I can do it myself for $20. Call me frugal, but to me it's worth the savings.

  babs22291  |  15

In Ohio where I live, I can take my vehicle to the dealership and have it changed for under $20, with new filters. How or why does it cost so much?

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