By rofindie - 07/05/2012 04:12 - United States - Forest Hills

Today, my dad found a couple of coins on the floor next to my desk, and gave me a lecture about how money doesn't grow on trees and how irresponsible I am when it comes to money. They were Chuck E. Cheese tokens. FML
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jerseyboy732 16

how old are you?

perdix 29

It is money -- at the Cheesiest Place on Earth! How else are you going to play the games to earn the tickets that give your family such a highbrow lifestyle?


jerseyboy732 16

how old are you?

Maybe he's just a big kid (:

jerseyboy732 16

ain't we all

well yeah, you could have had a couple sweet Chuch E Cheese pencil erasers OP. live n learn, live n leaen

I'm a big kid now!

itwasallyellow 0

You're never too old for Chuck E Cheese!

I bet he was just upset that OP didn't go too Dave and Busters instead.

MeeshaMeeshaPup 8

Hell, I'm 17 and I still get excited at the thought of going to Chuck E. Cheese. I always use the 5 year old kid I babysit as an excuse to go. :)

taboolovers 0

They could have been for his kid or a younger sibling.

linkinpark98 23

Chuck E. Cheese? Really?

Hey you can be old and go to chucks cheese

^ I don't always go to Chuck E. Cheese's, but when I do: I make sure I have the most badass of a fun time a 70 year old has ever had there.

What's the big deal? OP could have taken a young family member there, or attended a birthday party. And it's pretty ******* fun anyway.

KiddNYC1O 20

Sounds like the most interesting man in the world! ^

No that's not my picture or anything and the reason he pointed up to me.

KiddNYC1O 20

I'm on the app and the pics take long to load, dick.

They still don't grow on trees.

And in this economy those tokens might be worth more than the dollar. Does anybody happen to know the current exchange rate for USD to Chuck E. Cheese tokens?

Why on earth would you have those?

perdix 29

It is money -- at the Cheesiest Place on Earth! How else are you going to play the games to earn the tickets that give your family such a highbrow lifestyle?

guci101 14


There's also The Works, where I live.

Id much rather have fun while making cash money.

Chuck E. Cheese coins are worth money, so you deserve it!

Not after you pay for them. Try cashing tokens at the bank, then come back to us.

Somebody once told me vending machines count them as quarters, but I've never tried it out. But if that's true then they're kinda worth something.

Yeah, a Pepsi. Wait, a coca cola!!! Give me your tokens. >__>

maybe he just likes their pizza?

Someone didn't understand the fml :p

someone obviously understands sarcasm

may651 14

Love parents now days. :/

Doesn't matter, had currency..?

That's not how it works, Keev..

flockz 19

disregard women, acquire currency.

Black Translation:Fuck Bitches, Get Money

pfx2_fml 15

Imagine what he would of done if they were Quarters

My assumption is that the father believed they were real quarters.

Yes, shiny golden quarters with a picture of a mouse hey wait a minute.

RedPillSucks 31

I imagine he didn't look close enough and did think they were quarters.

Well 23, most quarters are shiny if you take care of them... Wait that must mean you don't take care of your quarters! OPs Dad, sick him!

Forget the quarters, I've somehow defied all science and changed genders! incredible!

fadingfaith 4

But quarters aren't gold...

That makes them more valuable! who doesn't enjoy a sweaty, bouncy playground for 9 year holds?

9 year holds? Where do you live that your local Chuck E. Cheeses is mostly for safety equipment?