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why would anyone joke about getting in a car accident?

Something something candy cane joke.


why would anyone joke about getting in a car accident?

In most Scandinavian families Christmas traditions involves the whole family helping make Christmas a reality

#32 That doesn't mean anyone should joke about something serious like a car accident.

Tbh I'm not surprised if someone did, people lie a lot these days !

If a car ran over your foot, how were you in an accident? A car accident implies you were INSIDE the car when the accident occurred...

I had that happen to me. bent my steel toes but didn't do enough to lose any toes

Why is this being downvoted?

I broke nearly every bone in my foot when my dad backed a ute full of soil over my foot.

Have a holly jolly Christmas, and limp into a wonderful New Year!

If you arent limping, that means you didnt end the year right.

Something something candy cane joke.

Hahaha! Insert equally witty comment!

I'm sorry. That must suck. I hope you recover soon!

I've had my foot run over by a car and except for a bruise I was fine so suck it up butter cup

So sorry, hope you get well soon.

Merry Christmas!

Dat icon doh

I auto know that it's not fun to come up with puns that make fun of please give me a brake in advance.

#9 Don't hurt yourself there

You're wheely pushing it, we can a ford you puns just this once. But you're tire-ing us out.

Why do they think you would fake that? Your family really doesn't trust you. Sorry, OP!