By julieriis - 23/12/2015 18:03 - Denmark - Hals

Today, I was in a car accident, two days before Christmas. I'm now laying at home, not able to walk. My whole family thinks that I'm joking. A car drove over my foot, I'm not joking. FML
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why would anyone joke about getting in a car accident?


why would anyone joke about getting in a car accident?

In most Scandinavian families Christmas traditions involves the whole family helping make Christmas a reality

#32 That doesn't mean anyone should joke about something serious like a car accident.

Tbh I'm not surprised if someone did, people lie a lot these days !

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If a car ran over your foot, how were you in an accident? A car accident implies you were INSIDE the car when the accident occurred...

I had that happen to me. bent my steel toes but didn't do enough to lose any toes

I broke nearly every bone in my foot when my dad backed a ute full of soil over my foot.

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Have a holly jolly Christmas, and limp into a wonderful New Year!

If you arent limping, that means you didnt end the year right.

I'm sorry. That must suck. I hope you recover soon!

I've had my foot run over by a car and except for a bruise I was fine so suck it up butter cup

Why do they think you would fake that? Your family really doesn't trust you. Sorry, OP!

Why would people say you deserved this? Anyway, I seriously hope that you have a better Christmas, OP.

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Some people just push YDI to be an asshole and sometimes people push it on accident. I get so frustrated when I accidentally press YDI on something the OP definitely did not deserve.

I put YDI because OP was being melodramatic calling it a "car accident". I mean, I'm sure it hurt, but there are pretty few fatalities from a broken toe or two. It was misleading. Also, the only way his family wouldn't believe him is if there are no physical signs (massive bruising, swelling or deformities) or OP is refusing to go to his doctor for an X-Ray or resetting and a cast. So one could equally assume he's overplaying the whole situation to either us and/or his family.

It was an accident involving a car. Thus, a car accident. As for bruising- that takes time to show and trying to get into Ortho doctors this time of the year is a pain in the ass hecaus they want to be at home with their family. There's also the fact it could be more than "a broken toe or two"- it's quite possible to have every bone in your foot crushed from such a thing, which basically means you are ******. Even if the only thing broken were a few toes, the amount of bruising in the rest of the foot could still be substantial enough to cause duress when standing.

#46 it can definitely be a car accident with no fatalities. I was in one two years ago that totaled my car and im still having medical issues.

I was literally in a car accident a week ago with no fatalities. And if a car is run into a building it's called a car accident. If a car hits someone it's called a called a car accident (or vehicular manslaughter if someone is tried and convicted).