By Anonymous - United States - Livingston
Today, my family and I finished moving to Texas. As if that isn't bad enough, I'll have to introduce myself all over again to everyone I meet and explain that yes, my parents really did name me Lilypad. FML
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  ptoka  |  20

OP, keep your head up, at least your parents didn't name you "Happy Thanksgiving" like a woman on the news the other night (sad when that's a news story!). Really though I, at least, don't judge by name, your name is unique.

  MsConfusedd  |  27

My name is Tuesday and I didn't like it for a while. But now I'm so glad that I have a unique name, no matter how annoying the jokes/ puns can be. But if you don't like it, go by whatever you do like!

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I'd hate having the name Tuesday! Mainly because I fucking hate Tuesdays. Mondays are alright just because you're back to work, Tuesdays though, that's when you realize you still have 4 more days of that shit. Certainly a unique name though. Better than McFeelii.. People look at me and think "sexual harassment".

Which is quite accurate actually..

  sezual  |  15

That is a very cool name. My first and middle names are two of the most common in the US and have been for decades. I've never been in a classroom/office where there wasn't another Sarah.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

I knew someone named Nine. I like the name Tuesday too :) I really enjoy unique names mostly because I have such a common one, and being called "Hannah Montana" is not fun >:(

  MzZombicidal  |  36

I don't even have a crazy-unique name. It's Kristine, but somehow people always call me Kristina, Kristen or Kristian. It's like if you replace the C-H in Christine with a K people get confused.
I also can't help but love the name Lilypad! It sounds really cute.

  girlbye23  |  15

Shoot my name is TreMil. Sometimes i hate my name because of the struggle to pronounce it(TRUH-MEAL) but i love that i feel unique. And it does have two capitol letters which is awesome

  GhostDuck  |  30

Exactly. She can introduce herself as Lily to her peers, and she can give her full first name only when necessary. I have a friend Simmy who does that and only gives her full name when necessary. Even the teachers call her Simmy.

  lilmslady  |  11

Ha i have an unique name its Sakaria, (sa-car-ria) and since im black most people think its another flambouently ghetto name.... when its really hebrew for *god remebers* so dont feel bad!!

  LittlePengy  |  22

My first name isnt all that unique but my middle name is Azaylie, apparently I was like the first person to have this name, I like it, I dont know if i actually was the first one to have it tho.