By gtfoocd - 27/12/2011 15:20 - United States

Today, my extremely OCD girlfriend wouldn't have sex with me because my bedroom wasn't "properly symmetrical." FML
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Hopefully your penis is properly symmetrical.

heythereyouu_fml 4

Well then, make it "properly symmetrical".(:


heythereyouu_fml 4

Well then, make it "properly symmetrical".(:

Dump her and tell her that she's throwing off 'the balance' of your bedroom.

CalCommando 6

Symmetry is a staple of a healthy relationship, both sides need to be equal. BTW, your girl is a spaz

I hear padded cells are very much symmetrical. I kid, I kid. Just chuck all your shit out and have sex on the carpet.

I understand her issue. Im slightly CDO too, its like OCD but alphabetically correct the way it should.

Next thing you know, that non-symmetrical penis doesn't excites her

enonymous 8

Your penis is not feng shui for my liking either

hotPinklipstick 24

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Hopefully your penis is properly symmetrical.

"I'm not having sex with you cause you have one ******** on the left side and two on the right"

franticravyn 7

Soul Eater FTW!!! Lol Death the Kid would so do that.

omfg_creepers 8

Just tell her neither is your face and she will either change her mind or possibly be a danger to society or herself.

lrgenesis 19

That'd be hilarious but so mean at the same time

sarahmcgeee 5

it's actually a really big problem, I don't feel bad for you at all. just give her why she wants and you'll get what you want

stupidisntcute 0

Or find a woman not so screwed up!! Never just cater to a woman!!!

While we're on the subject of screwed up people...

lrgenesis 19

44 you're a douche it's a simple job of moving things around or hiding them for a half hour. If OP loves the woman then he'd do anything to make her happy.

Sorry to hear that OP. Find out how she needs it to be and try to keep it that way.

Is this the girl who hasn't had sex in three years? Makes sense!

Find a circle room? Idk I'm on school break I can not think of things like this.

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